Exploring Haidian’s Forefront: Pioneering Fitness Brands of Beijing China

Prepare for a fitness revolution direct from Haidian, Beijing – the technological heartbeat of China. In this Sports magazine series, we turn the spotlight onto pioneering fitness companies that call the district home, showcasing their innovative offerings and commitment to wellness and health care. From artificial intelligence to wearables, these industry frontrunners are setting the pace in the global fitness industry.

Each company has a unique story to tell, with diverse backgrounds, strategies, strengths, and products. However, they share a common thread – their vision to elevate fitness and health care in an increasingly digital and technology-driven world. They are quickly becoming major players not just in Beijing, but also globally, due to the competitive edge and innovative ideas they bring. Without further ado, let’s dive into the rich tapestry of companies in Haidian’s flourishing fitness landscape.

Through this series, we endeavour to provide a window to the fitness strategies of the future, creating an avenue for aspiring fitness professionals around the world to draw inspiration. The following are the companies setting the trends and breaking the mould in the fitness industry, all from their base in Haidian, Beijing.


Founded by Xiaohua Liu, Airbay seamlessly blends fitness, healthcare, and the service industry to provide comprehensive wellness solutions. Though their personal social media presence is minimal, you can follow their professional advancements on LinkedIn.

Yao Zhui Zhuan Jia

Considered an authority in smart fitness, Yao Zhui Zhuan Jia brings relief from back pain through their cutting-edge healthcare app. The company’s dedication towards promoting wellness cultures is evident in their innovative solutions. Connect with them on LinkedIn to learn more about their offerings.


Driven by a vision to revolutionize the fitness and health care space, Dongkang transcends traditional boundaries to bring unique offerings to the table. Their ethos is reflected in their commitment to being at the forefront of industry development and technological innovation in the health care sector.


At BodyPark, fitness meets artificial intelligence. Providing certified coaches, live instruction, AI games, and promoting a healthy sports lifestyle, BodyPark is a leader in technological innovation within the fitness industry. Their core services also encompass fitness, AI, online service, computer vision, and machine learning.


Offering fitness at your fingertips, Ledongli is an online fitness app and wearables company that is taking the fitness world by storm. Operating in the internet and digital media industry, Ledongli’s reach extends beyond geography, connecting fitness enthusiasts from Beijing to the world.


Pioneers in fitness, healthcare, and consulting, ACMEWAY is known for its adeptness in coming up with original solutions. Their experience, expertise and commitment to health and fitness make them a key player in the industry. To know more about the company, visit their LinkedIn profile.


Ninaye’s multifaceted offerings in B2B, education, fitness, human resources, small and medium businesses, and sports make the company a powerhouse in its arena. Connect with them on LinkedIn, follow their journey on Twitter, or join their community on Facebook.

Stay tuned as we continue to spotlight the remarkable companies that make Haidian, Beijing a global hub for fitness and health tech innovations. These innovative companies are not just changing the game; they are reinventing it!

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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