Exclusive window for members wishing to move their seats

Wednesday, 15th May 2019 @ 07:12

Member wishing to move seats can do so today

The Club would like to thank all those who have renewed their membership for the 2019/20 season ahead of the deadline yesterday evening, it is fantastic to see so many Members join us again for next year.

Members who wish to move into a new seat have an exclusive day on Wednesday 15th May and Thursday 16th May to move to any seats vacated by non-renewing Members.

To move, please can then call Club on 020 8410 6010 on between 11:00 to 20:00 on Wednesday 15th May. In order to process seat moves as fairly as possible, we will only accept moving requests over the telephone. We will not be able to move any Members who visit the Ticket Office in person.

When you call, your details will be recorded by a Member of staff and transferred through an online system to the Ticketing Team who will be calling supporters back on a first come first serve basis in the order that they called. The ticketing team will not be taking inbound calls.

We politely ask that Members only call once as follow up enquiries to ask when a callback will be received will make it more difficult for other supporters to register an interest in moving seats.

On Friday 17th May, all unrenewed seats will be released for general sale.

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