Quins announce industry-leading player and coach support programme

Friday, 22nd May 2020 @ 17:00

Harlequins partner with Simetrica-Jacobs in industry-leading player and coach wellbeing support programme

Harlequins can confirm today that the Club has partnered with Simetrica-Jacobs – becoming the first professional sports club in the world to measure player wellbeing in a scientific way and to invest in deeper insight into personal wellness and its effects on performance. The innovative partnership provides individuals with the tools to monitor personal wellbeing and performance as well as the factors that affect them.

Simetrica-Jacobs are global leaders in the field of wellbeing and quality of life measurement and business ethics. They lead work in these fields for several Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) governments, international organisations and multinational companies and they have authored numerous international and government guidelines on wellbeing measurement. Their work with Harlequins is led by Dr Fujiwara, Director of Simetrica-Jacobs and Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

“We are excited to be working with Harlequins as the first sports team in the world to pioneer this approach,” said Dr Daniel Fujiwara. “Over the past decade we have conducted hundreds of studies measuring the wellbeing of the UK public and of staff and customers of some of the largest organisations in the world and a clear pattern has emerged about what makes us happy and more productive and we believe that this can be a real game-changer in sport performance management to understand how players feel and to drive on-pitch success.

“Through our research, we have found that there are a number ways that we can improve people’s wellbeing which leads to better life outcomes including improved health, better social relationships, better productivity, improved teamwork, better training and on-pitch performance and, importantly for pro athletes, reduced injury proneness. We have seen significant improvements with the groups we have worked with to date, and the time is right to apply this in sport where marginal gains are key.”

Commenting on the industry-leading partnership, Harlequins Head of Athletic Performance Gareth Tong said: “What Simetrica-Jacobs offer is unique and completely different to other wellbeing services and products currently on the market>

“Their interventions focus on easy to do, simple activities to improve player wellbeing, meaning it will be compatible with and complement the mindfulness work we currently undertake.

“I am looking forward to seeing the results positively impact all areas of training and ultimately match day performance.”

Simetrica-Jacobs’ research has shown that wellbeing is the single biggest driver of performance in many workplace settings and in this partnership, Quins players and coaching staff will leverage these tools to drive enhanced performance. This includes having detailed analysis and understanding into how their wellbeing and resilience changes throughout the week, during training and in matches, with the tools to improve these factors.

While it is commonplace within elite sports to monitor daily levels of energy, sleep, physical condition and mood, Simetrica-Jacobs’ /P/C/S/ (Performance, Care, Science) solution to wellbeing dives further into factors proven to affect both workplace performance and personal wellbeing; taking into account all aspects of life, including social relationships, weather, environment, social and economic circumstances and personal and external factors, as well as athlete condition and training levels.

/P/C/S/ uses cutting-edge research from behavioural science, psychology and economics to allow professional sports clubs to measure how every key aspect of a player’s life and training regime impact on performance, going far beyond current performance management approaches in this respect.

Available to both the Quins playing group and coaching staff, in this initial pilot programme, Simetrica-Jacobs will apply their scientifically proven approaches to enhancing wellbeing, ultimately helping players to improve teamwork and performance and on-pitch success.

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