Showcasing Stockholm’s Pioneering Sporting Goods Industry: A Definitive Guide

In the heartland of Stockholm, Sweden, a multitude of thriving corporations has gained recognition for their leading roles in the Sporting Goods industry. Each unique in their engagement, philosophy, and offering, these companies collectively push the boundaries of sport and fitness, merging technology, design, and excellence to re-imagine this rapidly evolving industry. From consumer electronics to tech-infused sportswear, the game-changing products and services these companies provide, enhance performance, inspire participation, and solidify Stockholm’s place on the global sports innovation map.

Stockholm, known for its love of sports, hosts corporate headquarters of various sporting goods companies, each with its unique identity and mission. Backed by a culture that encourages an active lifestyle and having one of the highest participations in sports worldwide, Stockholm is a fitting location for these companies. This article provides an overview of some of the companies that hold strong positions in the industry and their fascinating stories.

These companies’ stories are admirable as they go beyond producing sporting items and advocates for an active and healthy lifestyle. They integrate creative ways to make sporting goods more accessible, injecting digital technology and innovative designs into their products in the process.


Founded by Erik Liden, Flaxta, a company located in Stockholm, is redefining sports protection. By exploring both analog and digital solutions, it aims to enhance safety levels and keep the consumer in the center. Innovative materials, tech solutions, and industry knowledge are combined to improve the prevention and treatment of sports injuries. You can connect with Flaxta on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Kirill Noskov is the founder of IAMRUNBOX, an active lifestyle brand that designs backpacks for urban dwellers. IAMRUNBOX was established in 2015 in Lund, Sweden. Its designs are inspired by endurance sports and high-fashion. With a focus on ergonomics and smart packing, it has developed carrying solutions suitable for any active day. Follow IAMRUNBOX on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Macade Golf

Macade Golf, founded by Erik Villadiego, is a golf apparel concept that sprouted from a group of dedicated sportswear designers and avid golfers. Emphasizing style and comfort, Macade Golf is revered in the industry for its exceptional quality. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Exxentric, founded by Fredrik Correa and Mårten Fredriksson, is a leading fitness service company. They offer single-exercise machines along with a wireless, science-based feedback system. Exxentric provides state-of-the-art fitness equipment for flywheel training and offers both online and offline courses at varying levels. Catch them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Everysport was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1999. As a leading sports application, Everysport allows users to track match results and engage in live follow-ups, creating a comprehensive platform for sports fans. The company aims to enhance the live sport experience, integrating additional features for its members such as participating in discussions, tilting matches, and creating groups. Stay updated with Everysport on LinkedIn.

Ascaro Padel

Founded by Oscar Arrsjö, Ascaro Padel, provides a line of sportswear and accessories. The company embraces the fast-rising popularity of Padel, a racquet sport that is gaining recognition worldwide. Connect with Ascaro Padel on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Forward-thinking company SUBTECH SPORTS, founded by Erik Lyth, designs award-winning waterproof bags that are relied upon by extreme sports athletes and world record adventurers around the globe. Built to withstand the most demanding conditions, their products are selected by the air force, military, police, navy, and emergency services. They have also pioneered a sustainability initiative called RENEWED which establishes a circular economic model. Stay connected with SUBTECH SPORTS through Facebook and LinkedIn.

RS Sports

RS Sports is a leading company specializing in sports manufacturing and retail. They offer a wide range of sports goods including gears for tennis. Connect with RS Sports on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


UNNA is an innovative company in the sporting goods industry that offers textiles and other consumer goods. UNNA aims to improve the quality of sporting goods by integrating modern technology into its manufacturing process. You can follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Videoplaza AB

Videoplaza AB is a company that specializes in creating sell-side ad-serving and management platform for broadcasters, video publishers, and advertising networks. By understanding the connection between time, content, and audiences, they provide a unique media solution for sports and other industries. Connect with Videoplaza AB on LinkedIn.

810 Mountain Crew

810 Mountain Crew provides specialized sporting goods for mountain sports enthusiasts. Known for their role in promoting healthy and active living, this Stockholm-based company is recognized for their contribution to the sports industry. Find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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