Exploring Lisbon’s Sports Industry Titans: A Quins Corporate Showcase

As a vibrant hub for creative ventures and a steadily growing tech scene, Lisbon, Lisboa, Portugal is home to newer and exciting sports-related companies. These businesses are not only enhancing the sports industry but are also putting Lisbon on the map as the place to be for sports innovation. In this article, we explore some of these companies, offering insight into their operations, ethos, and contributions to the sports industry.

Situated in the heart of Portugal’s capital, these companies operate across a range of sectors, from blockchain and eSports to mobile applications and Augmented Reality, further cementing Lisbon’s reputation as a city of innovation. Moreover, their commitment to evolving their respective domains reflects their ambition to pioneer and maintain a bustling sports ecosystem in Portugal.

With founders hailing from various backgrounds and expertise, their different perspectives have formed the very crux of these companies. This harmonious blend of different ideas, coupled with the shared passion for sports and innovation, pushes these companies to create unique products and deliver exceptional services.


RealFevr is a Lisbon based startup, founded by Bruno Filipe Lourenco Coelho, Jose Santos, Tiago Bem, and Tiago Dias, that aims to revolutionize the Fantasy Leagues market. The platform, primarily catering to the Soccer industry, has garnered over 1.2M users worldwide and is a market leader in Portugal. The company’s vast array of sectors, including Blockchain, eSports, Fantasy Sports, and Mobile Apps, has gained them official partnerships with major institutions such as Liga Portugal and Portuguese Football Federation. RealFevr is dedicated to expanding its team and establishing itself as a key player in the global market of sports NFTs.


ScorePlay, co-founded by Victorien Tixier and Xavier Green, aims to redefine the sports-specific workflows by integrating AI-powered media asset manager. Brands can centralize their media assets, classified by the integrated AI tagging system, for more efficient distribution to athletes and sponsors. This software also aids in FTP, calendar integration, and live broadcast ingestion.


Splink, co-founded by founders Dulce Guarda, Hugo Matinho, and Ivan da Silva Braz, offers a unique way of connecting with a club via physical collectibles using Augmented Reality. The users can collect their favorite player jerseys and immerse themselves in an AR world created via cutting-edge technology.


Located in Lisbon, LisbonLab is a company specializing in Mobile Apps within the sector of sports and healthcare.

Polaris Sports

Polaris Sports, founded by Luis Correia, is a sports company that manages the image rights of Portuguese football players.


Elidreams is a software service company based in Lisbon, specializing in developing computer and mobile games related to football.


ScoutDecision is a sports technology company providing software as a service (SaaS) for sports scouting and recruitment.

Surf Eye

Surf Eye is a sports company located in Lisbon.

Papo Bets

Papo Bets is a football statistics platform providing data for better game analysis and sports betting. The platform also offers predictions and guesses for football matches.


CorposFlex specializes in sports nutrition and bodybuilding supplements, offering products to increase muscle mass, lose weight, and improve well-being.

BOL – BilheteiraOnline

BOL – BilheteiraOnline is a software platform that permits venues or event promoters to perform the full range of box-office operations using an internet connection.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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