Spotlight on Leading Sports Industry Companies Headquartered in Haidian, Beijing

Beijing’s Haidian district is a vibrant hub of innovation. It is the home to some of China’s most successful technology companies and is beginning to make waves in the sports industry as well. Situated in Beijing, these companies work with cutting-edge technology to create meaningful experiences for sports enthusiasts around the world. They build platforms and create solutions that cater to a variety of sports-related needs, from event booking to mobile gaming. This series of articles in Quins Sports Magazine will take you through the journey of these companies creating a significant impact on the global sports industry.

Let’s delve into the works of these companies based out of Haidian, Beijing, China, and get an insight into their unique offerings in the sports industry.

Each of the companies offers something unique, providing value in a variety of ways. They span across numerous sectors, revealing the expansive reach and influence of sports across our society.


Founded by Xu Linzhou and Yang Qin, bestdo is a sports service company. They offer various services including sports events, inquiries, and reservation services. Their offering features an online booking platform synchronized with the Baidong APP, real-time online booking for various sports events, and a platform for preferential activities. Their LinkedIn account can be found here.

Daily E-Sports

Daily E-Sports, founded by Ning Ma, operates across several business sectors to deliver e-sports event operations, e-sport terminal customization, e-sport big data service, e-sport education and training, and e-sport town planning. They also produce equipment for CMEG and mobile e-sports tournaments. Their LinkedIn account can be accessed here., established by Liu HuanJie, is an e-commerce platform for sporting goods. They sell a variety of sports products including badminton rackets, shoes, clothing, table tennis bases, bags, running underwear, camping equipment, cycling equipment, and sports protective gear. Visit their website here.


Founded by Tao Wei, Blackbirdsport specializes in Apps, Mobile Apps, and Sports. Check out their LinkedIn account here.


TIBURN, a company in the hardware and sports industry, was established by Wang Zhenyu. Visit their website here.

Hongqi Tech

Hongqi Tech was founded by Feng Bai. The company operates in the hardware, sports, and wearables industry. For more information, visit their website here.


Ningmeng Chen established Sportmoo, a company specializing in the golf, sports, and training industry.

Huanle Xin You

Huanle Xin You is a tech enterprise dedicated to the development and operation of mobile and web games. They develop, publish, and operate sports web games, providing online game products and services to internet users. Check out their LinkedIn profile here.

Yi Cai Technology

Yi Cai Technology, founded by Jirong Luo, operates within the gaming, information technology, and sports industry. Find out more on their website here.

Huoyan Jinke

Huoyan Jinke, a company founded by Jia Hu, operates within the information services, software, and sports industry. Visit their website here.


Tulipsport, established by Yun Lin, is the creator of an online sports event and venue booking platform. Their platform allows sports enthusiasts and groups to search, book, and pay for any upcoming sports event using smartphones or any other device. Visit their website here.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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