Amsterdam’s Premier Lifestyle Brands Revolutionizing the Sports World

Amsterdam, fondly referred to as the “Venice of the North” is not only a city of picturesque beauty with its elaborate canal system, historic buildings, and vibrant nightlife. It is also a city pulsating with creativity and entrepreneurship, as reflected in the lifestyle industry where several local brands are making a mark globally. In this article, we delve into the world of some specially selected Amsterdam-based lifestyle companies, exploring their journey, innovations, and their unique contributions to the industry.

Noord-Holland, where Amsterdam is situated, is an area of diversity, celebrating the convergence of culture, lifestyle, and business. This diversity is echoed in the range of lifestyle companies based in Amsterdam, covering brewing to home décor, fashion, and the tech-sphere. What ties these companies together is their unabashed commitment to quality, creativity, and innovation.

As we journey through the fascinating narratives of these companies, we invite you to not just observe but to also engage with these brands. We have included company websites alongside the descriptions. Feel free to explore, interact, and even patronize these outstanding companies that continue to elevate the Lifestyle industry in Amsterdam and beyond.


Renowned globally, Heineken is a leading brewer that markets premium beers and cider brands. Founded in 1864 by Gerard Adriaan Heineken, the company has now grown to become the top brewer in Europe and the third by volume in the world. Heineken’s global presence continues to expand with acquisitions in Africa, India, Asia, and Latin America.


Offering a unique take on social media and travel, Soulpicks is a platform designed for sharing and discovering beloved places. The brainchild of founder Pascal Ontijd, Soulpicks empowers users to make the most of their time by providing memorable experiences.


Primalbase, led by founder Ralph Manheim, provides a unique community space for both permanent and part-time members. Permanent members of Primalbase own tokens that act as lifetime memberships, creating an engaging arena for co-working and networking.


A platform dedicated to interior design inspiration, HomeDeco was established in 2015 by founders Ayla van Olphen and Thijs Goos. HomeDeco allows users to view and upload pictures of various interior designs, and also offers a variety of interior accessories and furniture for purchase.


JamesEdition is an online greater luxury marketplace for automotive, real estate, fashion, and more. Founded by Noam Perski in 2018, it has grown to feature over 200,000 listings from more than 7,000 dealers around the world.

Tommy Hilfiger

With its headquarters in Amsterdam, Tommy Hilfiger represents one of the world’s leading designer lifestyle brands. The flagship brand of founder Tommy Hilfiger, the company is famous for its classic American cool style with a modern twist.


An engaging online community for fashion lovers, Fashiolista is an initiative by Joost Nauta, Rick van Hattem, Thierry Schellenbach, and Thijs Goos. It allows users to discover and share their favourite fashion items, turning it into one of the most active fashion communities worldwide.

Fontem Ventures

Fontem Ventures specialises in the Consumer Goods and Lifestyle industry. Through their ventures, they continuously provide something of interest for every consumer by addressing individual needs.


Fashion and lifestyle brand Mexx, is an international success story. Founded by Rattan Chadha and Prodyot K. Sen Sharma, Mexx was created through the merger of two successful fashion brands, and has since grown to become an essential player in the contemporary market segment.


Representing a complete scan of fashion, lifestyle, retail, and technology, BALR is an initiative by founders Juul Manders and Ralph de Geus. BALR, infuse elegance and style in their creations and is instrumental in making an unforgettable fashion statement.


Joolz is an e-commerce platform specialising in lifestyle, manufacturing, and retail sectors. Founded by Emile Kuenen, Joolz is recognized for providing premium, award-winning pushchairs designed ergonomically to suit both the child and the parent, reflecting its commitment towards sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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