Austin’s Premier Recreation Companies Making Waves in Sports Industry

Austin, Texas is bustling with companies advancing the field of recreation. From sports clubs, pickleball leagues, to social engagement platforms, each entity finds a unique way of making recreation an exciting affair. This article highlights some of these enterprises in the capital of Texas, delving into what they offer and their contributions to the industry in general.

Being part of the growing digital era, most of these recreational businesses have effectively utilized online platforms, providing resources and maintaining an active online presence. Moreover, they not only promote active lifestyles but also foster community relations and facilitate the growth of an engaged society.

Without much further ado, let’s explore these recreation giants whose headquarters are located here in Austin, Texas.

Major League Pickleball

Major League Pickleball operates as a provider of professional pickleball content. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, its platform provides a rich resource that keeps you updated. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and their online presence is evident with their Facebook and @majorleaguepb Twitter account.

Recess Pickleball

Founded in 2021 by Maggie Brown, Recess Pickleball is a lifestyle pickleball brand that encourages all types and levels of play. Providing high quality playing equipment, such as paddles made of industry-standard honeycomb interior, the company aims to elevate the game and grow with their community. Aside from its company’s website, it also has active accounts on Facebook, @recesspicklebal Twitter and LinkedIn.


Founded by Andy Nguyen and Chase White, Loom is the world’s first work-for-equity platform that helps entrepreneurs bring ideas to life. Focusing on creating quality digital products, this company simplifies and streamlines the legal process towards achieving this. With a commanding presence on Facebook and @joinloom Twitter, updates and interactions are constant.

Chaparral Ice at iSports

Chaparral Ice at iSports, a family-owned business led by Ryan Raya, shares their passion for ice skating through offering free skating, group and private lessons, among others. With their facilities offering a fun, safe, and service-oriented destination, they cater to skaters of all levels and have a strong following on Facebook and @chapiceaustin Twitter.


Uberpong was created by David Lowe to bring style and customization to table tennis. Offering personalized paddle designs, Uberpong has made a significant impact on the face of the game. Various business news and lifestyle publications have recognized this company, and it maintains an active presence on Facebook, @uberpong Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Texas Pool Supply

Texas Pool Supply is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and specializes in the wholesale distribution of pool supplies. In addition to its website, it is also present on Facebook.

Austin Sports & Social Club

The Austin Sports & Social Club promotes fitness and sports recreation within the community. Updates about their activities and offers are available on their website, Facebook, @austinssc Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts.

Lonestar SC

Lonestar Soccer Club is a youth soccer organization that provides programs for all ages and capabilities in a safe and entertaining environment. Its commitment to encouraging youth to participate in soccer is evident on its website, Facebook, @lonestarsc Twitter, and LinkedIn platforms.

Recreational Sports

Recreational Sports is committed to education through recreation. They offer a wide range of services including court reservations, facility rentals, and sports equipment checkout. With their robust website, Facebook, @utrecsports Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts, they have made bookings and inquiries convenient.

Great Hills Country Club

Great Hills Country Club is an event management organization with a focus on recreational activities. Events and updates can be found on their website, @greathillscc Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

Barton Creek Country Club

Barton Creek Country Club offers tennis and golf courses, providing accommodation for weekend getaways, golf retreats, and family vacations. All relevant information about their services is available on their website and Facebook account.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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