Baltimore: The Maryland Spotlight on Pioneering Sports Industry Companies

Welcome to another installment of our series, where we shine the spotlight on remarkable companies that are
revolutionizing the Sports industry around Baltimore, Maryland. These companies are disrupting traditional norms from
multiple angles, exploring unique niches in sports, and establishing impactful community programs. So, let’s dive in
and take a look at these Baltimore-based establishments that are helping shape the future of sports.

From online gaming and in-person sports events to athletic foundations and streaming applications, each of these
companies and organizations offers a distinct contribution to the sports industry. The diversity in their offerings
reflect the multifaceted nature of sports itself, satisfying sports enthusiast on all spectrums, from athletes to spectators.

Here, we will provide an exposition on each of these companies, highlighting their innovative business models and
unique roles within the broader sports community. As we present each company, feel free to explore further by visiting
their respective websites linked through their names.

Volo City

Founded by Giovanni Marcantoni, Volo City has created a sustainable model for free youth sports programming through adult social events. Their extensive platform provides year-round access for adults 21+ to participate in an array of sports, fitness, tournaments, and more. Connect with them on Twitter @Bmore_Social and LinkedIn.

Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation

The Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation is a sports-based foundation that leverages athletics to teach critical programs. They utilise the universal language of sports as a platform for transformative educational experiences. You can follow their updates on Twitter @calripkensrfdn and Facebook.

G-Haven eSports

G-Haven eSports not only fosters a strong gaming community, but also aims to inspire gamers into becoming socially conscious individuals who game with a purpose. Get involved with their community on Twitter @GHavenEsports1, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

A-Ball inc.

Founded by Uranius Johnson, A-Ball is an amateur sports network designed to connect amateur athletes, teams, and fans for sharing experiences and event highlights. Interested parties can follow them on Twitter @aballteam, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

VOLO Sports

Also founded by Giovanni Marcantoni, VOLO Sports focuses on facilitating active adult events and sports. Stay updated via their Facebook page and LinkedIn account.

Ripken Baseball

Ripken Baseball, a brand associated with legendary baseball player Cal Ripken Jr., focuses on the gaming side of sports. They can be found on Twitter and Facebook.

Baltimore Country Club

The Baltimore Country Club is a hub for various sports events and recreational activities in Baltimore. Connect with them on Twitter @bcc1898golf and Facebook.

ATS Wins

ATS Wins operates as a sports betting consulting organization, offering lots of sports betting choices to the public through their online platform. You can enjoy and explore their services simply by visiting their website.

Inside Lacrosse

Inside Lacrosse caters to all things lacrosse, from events and news to publishing. Join their vibrant community of enthusiasts on Twitter @inside_lacrosse and Facebook.


Coppermine serves as a go-to destination for youth sports and active lifestyle families. Connect with their diverse community on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Holabird Sports

From its humble beginnings in 1981, family-owned Holabird Sports has provided a one-stop shop for everything you need for running, tennis, squash, racquetball, and more. Discover the Holabird advantage by visiting their website, and keep up with their latest offerings on Twitter @holabirdsports, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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