Bellingham-Based Innovators Raising The Bar in the Recreation Sports Industry

Operating in the recreational industry, a plethora of companies have made their headquarters in Bellingham, Washington. These trailblazing entities reflect a diverse range of focuses including outdoors, religion, sports, adventure, automotive and more. As they strategize and organize from the vibrant Pacific Northwest, they impact their respective markets with innovation and flair. This glance at their operations provides a glimpse into their unique roles in the dynamic recreation sector.

From this vibrant city on the bay, these companies are transforming the landscape of their respective sectors, further strengthening Bellingham’s reputation as a vibrant recreational and innovation hub. Each company boasts a unique business model, contributing to the richness and diversity of the city’s recreation industry.

Regardless of the sector they cater to – be it automotive, outdoors, non-profit, religion, sports, or cannabis – these Bellingham-based companies demonstrate a robust commitment to fostering joy, relaxation, and personal growth through their diverse offerings. Their collective influence highlights the vibrancy of this city’s recreational landscape.

Terra Power Systems

A provider of electrical solutions for heavy-duty vehicles, Terra Power Systems is known for its technological prowess in addressing challenging conditions in the automotive and recreational vehicle Industries.

Wild Whatcom

As an outdoor education organization, Wild Whatcom deploys a variety of programs such as outdoor mentorship and summer camps, to cultivate deep connections with nature among kids.

Camp Firwood

A religious place of recreation,Camp Firwood constitutes of exciting summer camp activities such as sailing, kayaking and skateboarding interspersed with rock climbing and paintball.

Schooner Zodiac

The Schooner Zodiac company belies the spirit of adventurous tourism with its delightful recreational offerings.

Prostock Athletic Supply

Prostock Athletic Supply services the needs of athletes by providing top-notch equipment, uniforms, and other sportswear. They are also skilled in custom imprinting and embroidery.

Green Leaf Recreational Cannabis

As a retailer of recreational cannabis, Green Leaf Recreational Cannabis provides a selection of fine cannabis products and prides themselves on offering superior customer service.

Kinekt By Cirrus Cycles

Kinekt By Cirrus Cycles caters to the needs of cycling aficionados with their range of cycle recreation products and accessories.

Deming Logging Show

The Deming Logging Show organizes unique recreational experiences, while also being involved in the building material, and wood processing sector.

North Bellingham Golf Course

North Bellingham Golf Course invites golfers to enjoy its pristine greens, fostering a love for the sport while providing an attractive spot for locals to unwind.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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