Championing Garden Grove: Lifestyle Businesses Thriving in California’s Sports Realm

In the sprawling city of Garden Grove, California, a unique agglomeration of lifestyle-based companies have established their headquarters, proving that this quaint city is a vital hub for innovation and creativity. In this feature, we’ll bring you an exceptional array of these companies, showcasing their groundbreaking ideas and quality products within the sectors of fashion, beauty, telecommunications, and e-commerce, accelerating Garden Grove’s reputation as a distinctive lifestyle hotspot.

From inventors of men’s and women’s fashion accessories to pioneers in the development of special needs telecommunications, these companies reflect a dynamic entrepreneurial spirit. Regardless of industry, they all share a devotion to creativity, quality, and meeting the diverse needs of their customers. Join us as we delve into the unique bios of these extraordinary companies, taking a closer look at how they’re shaping the lifestyle industry from their home base in Garden Grove, California.

Prepare to get acquainted with these ground-breaking companies, learn about their founding stories, and explore their must-have catalog of products. If you find something that piques your interest, follow the links to their respective websites to learn more.

Wild Attire

Founded by David Hansen, Morgan Dunn, and Omar Sayyed, Wild Attire thrives as a brand-focused men’s and women’s fashion accessories manufacturer. The company prides itself on delivering high-quality goods directly to consumers at a reasonable cost. With branches including,,, and Infectious, Wild Attire’s portfolio is as versatile as its approach to fashion. Connect with them on Twitter at @tiesdotcom, or on Facebook.


Catering to the needs of individuals with hearing impairments and other special needs, Ameriphone stands as a distinguished supplier of amplified telephones and other audio solutions. Driven by an unwavering commitment to inclusivity and technological innovation, the company consistently delivers products that enhance its users’ quality of life.


A key player in the beauty and e-commerce industry, Cacee continually dazzles customers with its wide range of beauty products. They’ve built an enviable reputation for their style-driven products and convenient service. Stay updated with Cacee on Twitter at @caceebeauty, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Sock Genius

Bearing a fresh perspective to e-commerce in the world of fashion, Sock Genius brings a colorful and delightful variety of socks to consumers across the globe. With comfort and quality stitched into every pair, this brand knows how to make a fashion statement. Follow them on Twitter at @tiesdotcom and Facebook.

Elevating the world of men’s fashion, enhances the style quotient of every man’s wardrobe. Offering a comprehensive collection of ties for any and every occasion, the company makes selecting the perfect tie simpler than ever. Find them on Twitter at @tiesdotcom and on Facebook.

Custom Greek Threads

Venturing into the world of Greek culture, Custom Greek Threads brings a novel and creative dynamic to fashion. They offer custom-made Greek apparel, uniting individuals with the spirit of fraternity and sorority. Their commitment to quality and authenticity is evident in their unique and high-quality merchandise.

Written by Sam Hyme

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