Evansville’s Trailblazing Fitness Companies Transforming Indiana’s Health Scene

Welcome to part of our series featuring remarkable companies within the Fitness industry based out of Evansville, Indiana. In this installment, we delve into seven noteworthy businesses operating from this location. Each one is contributing to the advancement of fitness, health, and wellbeing norms not just in Indiana, but making an impact on a global scale.

From patient-centered medical technologies to community engagement through events, these companies are redefining what it means to be fitness and wellness oriented. Whether about driving technological innovation, advocating for drug-free sports or offering premium gym amenities, these companies are making a vivid mark in the wellness landscape.

Read on to learn more about these captivating companies, and understand not just what they do but the passion and dedication that fuels their operations.


Founded by Robert E. Higgs, ISeeYouCare stands out for its sterling innovation in providing patient-centered medical technologies. This company integrates health monitoring applications with historic medical records, enabling healthcare organizations to reduce costs and improve health outcomes. You can learn more about the firm on its LinkedIn profile.


Conceived by founder Troy Busot, Athlinks has made a name for itself in the Fitness, Sports and Event Management industries. No further information is provided regarding the company’s operations. However, you can stay updated with their activities through their Twitter account.


ProgressiveHealth is a company that is making a difference in the Fitness and Health Care sectors. Their unique approach to health and fitness sets them apart. No additional information is provided on the company’s description and founders.

Bob’s Gym and Fitness Center

Bob’s Gym and Fitness Center is a local gem in the Fitness industry. Their commitment to fostering a healthy lifestyle among the community is commendable. More details about the facility can be found on their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

Tri-State Athletic Club

The Tri-State Athletic Club is a reputable establishment in the Fitness, Health Care, and Recreation circles in Evansville, Indiana. Exciting updates about their services can be accessed from their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

American Drug-Free Powerlifting Federation

The American Drug-Free Powerlifting Federation is committed to promoting drug-free performance in sports. They stand as a prime example of ethical principles within the Fitness and Sports industry. Stay updated with their activities on their Facebook page.

Advanced Therapy Innovations

Advanced Therapy Innovations are revolutionizing the Fitness and Wellness sector with their modern approaches to therapy. You can explore more about their operations on their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

The above-listed businesses represent a fraction of the exciting developments unfolding in the Fitness and Wellness industry within Evansville, Indiana. Stay tuned for future issues as we continue this exciting expedition throughout this ever-evolving industry!

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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