Experiencing Selangor: Lifestyle Companies Elevating Leisure in Malaysia’s Heartland

Selangor, a state located on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia, is not only known for its vibrant culture and scenic views, but also as the home base of many lifestyle companies making waves in their respective industries. It is a hub for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship – every company unique in its own right. From secret recipes that make a mark to fashion statements inspired by passion, let us delve into the world of ten companies headquartered in Selangor, ensuring to provide a distinctive touch to the lifestyle industry.

These companies, diverse in their offerings and approach to business, have gained a significant footprint locally and globally. Whether it’s the exquisite flavors infused in the cakes from Secret Recipe, the high-energy events hosted by Monkey Theory or Christy Ng’s quest to put her mark on the world of fashion, these companies are influencing the way Malaysians and the world at large experience life.

Without further ado, allow us to take you on a journey through the profiles of these companies. Each company has a unique story to share, a journey marked with creativity, resilience, and determination. These are not just businesses operating in the lifestyle industry, they are creators of experiences, creators of moments that add value and enrich lives.

Secret Recipe

Secret Recipe, founded by Dato Thun in 1997, is renowned for its extensive range of fine quality gourmet cakes. This brand has evolved to become one of the fastest growing lifestyle cakes and café chain in the region with over 300 café outlets to date. The company’s prime urban locations and shopping malls in major cities in the region include Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Bangkok, Manila, Brunei, and Shanghai.

Monkey Theory

The full event management and client servicing company, Monkey Theory, was birthed by founders Carson Chia, Chu Kim Ming, Delon Leong, and Hong Ching Chuan. Known for hosting sports, lifestyle, and gaming events such as Slide the City, Glowtopia Festival, Run out Marathon, Run for Your Lives, and Million Dollar Feet, the Monkey Theory team never fails to deliver exceptional services.

Fruiti King

At the intersection of food and lifestyle, you will find Fruiti King. This company, founded by Gideon Leong, Kim Seng Teh, and Max Teh, is noted for their unique fruit-based ice creams. Their produce is irresistible, refreshing, and innovative, hitting the right notes of the perfect blend of fruit and ice cream.


Stepping into the realm of technology and convenience is Dobybox. Founded by Elmi Haryadi Daldiri, Dobybox is a 24-hour laundry drop-off and collection service, utilising lockers with a combination lock and an online ordering and payment system. It is a remarkable blend of technology and lifestyle that caters to the needs of their customers anytime, anywhere.

Christy Ng Shoes

Venturing into the world of fashion and lifestyle, Christy Ng Shoes was founded by Christy Ng. The company’s journey began in the living room of Christy’s mother’s house in Taman Bukit Emas, Petaling Jaya, and has since grown to become a prominent name in the fashion industry. From her initial concept sketches on Facebook to a full lineup of shoes that symbolize hope and reinvention, Christy Ng serves as both a designer and an inspiration.

Poh Kong Malaysia

Dipping into the realm of fashion, Poh Kong Malaysia is a leading jewellery brand with a history spanning over 40 years. Dato’ Choon Yee Seiong founded the brand, which produces jewelry for men, women, and children. Whether it’s gold, white gold, rose gold, pearl, jade or diamonds, Poh Kong Malaysia has an extensive range of designs ready for every occasion.

November Culture

November Culture is a Malaysian independent lifestyle store based in SS15, Subang Jaya, Malaysia. Founded by singer and fashion enthusiast Yuna Zarai, November Culture believes in affordable fashion and a positive lifestyle. The products range from funky clothes, handmade items, to home decor, promoting a culture of creativity and positivity.


Believing in the future of their local design talents, DESIGNation aims to boost Malaysia’s creative economy by incubating and promoting emerging designers. The Malaysia-based team curates a platform showcasing the best of current artistry and craftsmanship, and channels all its efforts into giving local design talents a global stage.


Amazeam, a company with a mysterious description, showcases a perfect blend of lifestyle and health care in its offerings. Their product line range is centered around health and wellness, aiming to amaze and provide comfort to their customers.


Founders Jonathan Avinash Victor and Tanuja Rajah’s Lovesprk is redefining dating experiences in Malaysia. The company scours the city for the best dating spots and takes care of all the intricate details – planning, reservations, picking up the tickets and notifying the couples when to show up.


Lastly, valuing the exchange between locals and travelers, Byloka is a local travel experience marketplace that encourages travelers to open their minds and embrace new experiences. The company allows you to walk on a path of self-discovery and to be more attuned to the world.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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