Exploring Beijing’s Premier Fitness Company Headquarters: Industry Insight

In recent years, fitness and wellness have become a booming industry, with technology playing a vital role in its development. Beijing, the capital city of China, has become a hotspot for fitness technology startups. These businesses focus on various aspects of fitness such as mobile app development, wearable technology, nutrition, health diagnostics, and innovative solutions like automated fitness rooms. This article series will highlight some of these remarkable fitness industry companies based in Beijing.

These companies incorporate advanced technologies and novel ideas, transforming how people approach fitness and wellness. They are not only providing fitness solutions to domestic consumers but also marking their presence globally. Their innovative strategies, along with Beijing’s supportive startup ecosystem, are reshaping the fitness industry.

Providing everything from workout apps to dietary supplements and wearable fitness devices, these companies continue to push the boundaries of what technology can offer. Let’s delve deeper and discover more about these innovative Beijing based fitness companies.


Founded by Ning Wang and Wei Peng, Keep is a fitness mobile app used by millions around the world. Bringing a fresh approach to fitness, Keep incorporates professional tools and a pure community experience to redefine sports. The team’s commitment to ‘not imitate, not follow suit, and only do cool products’ sets them uniquely in the fitness industry. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Huang Wang, Huami has become a global leader in wearable technology. Their mission is to connect biomechanical signals and daily activities with smart data services to promote healthy living. Their product line under the Amazfit brand is making considerable strides in the wearable tech industry. Stay connected on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Derek Weng, Edmond Meng, and Hang Xu, LemonBox blends big data and US registered dietitians to present the Chinese customers with personal, nutritional, and living-well advice. LemonBox provides a monthly subscription model for personalized daily vitamin packs made in the U.S. Find their profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Launched by Fei Kong and Jiangyong Bu, Miao offers access to top physicians for patients dealing with critical, potentially life-altering illnesses, such as cancer or heart disease. This initiative leans on collaboration between healthcare providers and patients for better outcomes.


Founded by Shufeng Gu and Xuezhen Nie, Coolplay is another notable player in the fitness and hardware arena based in Beijing.


Founded by Feng Wang, Shuo Wang, and Xitai Sheng, SunPig runs O2O fitness platforms in China, aiming to simplify gym management. They offer monthly card pricing, intelligent software and hardware systems and socialized sports and fitness interactions.


Weite Xu founded Hotbody, a mobile app that provides fitness plans, video demonstrations, social networking, and community events for fitness lovers across China.


Misspao, founded by Bi Zhen, is pioneering fitness technology with its fully-automated mini fitness rooms that come equipped with one treadmill, an air cleaner, solar power supply systems, and Internet-connected TVs for entertainment.


Fueled by the vision of Danheng Bao, YOTA offers private nutrition kitchen services for women including weight loss and slimming packages, work meals, afternoon tea, and beauty meals. Find them on LinkedIn.


24Kick, founded by Di Liu, provides an array of fighting martial arts training services including boxing and jujitsu classes under their online gymnasium concept.


SPAX, brainchild of Yikun Mu, offers a smart fitness system that includes an interactive OS, content, and sensing device that measures every aspect of a user’s workout, from speed and steps to heart rate and calories burned.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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