Exploring Copenhagen’s Pioneering Contributions to the Global Sports Industry

The city of Copenhagen, nestled in the heartland of Hovedstaden, Denmark, is home to a thriving sports industry. Serving as headquarters for several innovative companies in the industry, this city offers a diverse array of businesses who have finely curated their niches in the competitive sports sector. These businesses range from content services for eSports to ingenious brands revamping the utility of racket sports. Here’s a look at some of the remarkable sports-centric companies based in Copenhagen.


A brainchild of Henrik Teisbæk, Veo operates in the confluence of Consumer Electronics, Software, Sports, and Video. The company aims to simplify the process of recording and watching sports without needing a cameraperson on the field. The easy setup allows sharing of sports content effortlessly. Veo’s notable contribution is its technology that enables football clubs, irrespective of size, to record, stream and edit their matches automatically. Veo can be located through their online presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Jeppe Curth, Peter Holm, and Simon Hjære, Tonsser is a unique amalgamation of Apps, Mobile, Social Media, and Sports. It is a social networking and utility app designed for young footballers. These young players use Tonsser to keep track of their stats, enhance their performance rating, and mingle with their community. The youthful charm and utility of Tonsser can be gleaned from their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles.


A sophisticated venture of, Anders Klok, Jakob Balslev, and Matias Søndergaard, Rokoko offers a comprehensive solution for animation and motion capture tools. Rokoko’s Studio provides motion capturing hardware along with an editing software suite. Juxtaposed is the Motion Library, a marketplace of motion assets and a machine learning-driven Motion Engine. Catering to clients across industries, Rokoko has made a significant impact across the sports, health, and entertainment sectors. Details about Rokoko can be found on their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Established by Oliver Groenne, Rasmus Holmgaard, and Victor Folmann, GamerzClass engages in the realm of Content, eSports, and Gaming. The brand offers a video gaming platform providing personalized content recommendations to viewers, and shares revenue with creators through premium subscriptions. GamerzClass details are available on Twitter and LinkedIn.

RFRSH Entertainment

Co-founded by Jakob Kristensen and Nikolaj Nyholm, RFRSH Entertainment operates in the industry of Events, Media, Entertainment, and Sports. The company is an esports marketing and media rights company that assists esports teams. Their adept team works on building and enhancing brands to ensure stellar performances and top placements. Social media mavens can connect with RFRSH Entertainment on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


The brainchild of founders Allan Olesen, Jens Juel Jensen, Kresten Juel Jensen, and Mads Madsen, Motosumo is crafted for fitness lovers, offering unique home user platforms. It is a popular choice amongst gyms and fitness studios looking to upgrade basic equipment and revamp their indoor cycling and group fitness classes. Check out Motosumo on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for more details.


Cykom serves in the sectors of Cycling, E-Commerce, Retail, Sporting Goods, and Sports. The company showcases its prowess through an online store that offers a comprehensive range of sporting goods, including cycling accessories and clothing. You can connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Conceived by Eric Navarro Comes and Kári Gunnarsson, Clutch brings technologically advanced solutions for racket sports. Their mission includes empowering players, coaches, and fans stay connected via social experiences and gain better insights into performance. Clutch aims to create the best virtual AI coach for racket sports accessible to anyone with a smartphone. They are reachable through their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn channels.


Christian Poulsen’s venture, Airofit caters to Fitness and Sports industry, with their product originally developed for medical use aiding patients with lung problems like asthma and bronchitis. It works towards training your respiratory system, increasing breathing strength and endurance, which is particularly useful for athletes or singers wanting to improve their tone and quality of sound. Airofit invites you to join their Facebook and LinkedIn communities.


Jakob Hagemann and Thomas Jacobsen co-founded Kiggit in the sectors of Gambling, Mobile, Soccer, and Sports. Kiggit serves as a betting app for football fans, providing pools for bets while also allowing users to create their bet slips and pit them against their friends. Find out more on Kiggit’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.


Last but not least, by founders Frederik Byskov and Jakob Kristensen, Astralis represents one of the world’s best Counter-Strike teams. Besides consistently ranking among the global top three CounterStrike teams, Astralis is a professional e-sports organization that provides a niche for itself. Astralis has made its mark in computer, eSports, and gaming industry. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for more updates.

These diverse companies make up the vibrant sports landscape of Copenhagen. Whether it’s cutting-edge technology or digital platforms reshaping the sports culture, these companies are all set to change the game.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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