Exploring Delray Beach’s Influential Lifestyle Companies in the Sports Realm

Welcome to the latest feature of Quins Sports Magazine, where we tour the United States to bring you the finest companies operating in the Lifestyle industry. This week, we land in Delray Beach, Florida, a city brimming with a myriad of spectacular lifestyle companies. We are fiercely captivated not only by the city’s superb climate and fantastic beach life but also by the novel ideas brought to the table by these organizations. From sartorial elegance to unique eyewear, there’s something here for every taste – Delray Beach is home to a multitude of businesses that are shifting the narrative in their respective industries.

Our exploration today covers diverse sectors within the Lifestyle realm, from E-commerce to Retail and beyond. We have taken considerable time to compile a list of six powerhouses that astound and inspire. Let’s settle down, kick off our sandals, and delve into these fascinating companies.

Starting us off is a prominent e-commerce entity in the world of bridal fashion. We’ll also be guided through the offerings of a boutique specializing in modern and trendsetting women’s wear. After, there’s a tantalizing whirl into the world of swimwear, and of course, we won’t forget to shade our eyes with the latest in eyewear technology. A beauty stopover awaits us too, and no tour can be complete without a touch of high-quality gentleman’s fashion. Without further delay, let’s get acquainted with these stars of the lifestyle industry.

Alfred Angelo

Established many moons ago, Alfred Angelo has become a dominant and respected force in wedding fashion. Their portfolios of awe-inspiring bridal gowns as well as bridal party attire have been adorning wedding ceremonies worldwide, bringing about a magnificent blend of vintage classic designs with a modern edge. Connect with them on Facebook and follow them on @alfredangelo.

Bolufe’ Boutique

The Bolufe’ Boutique shines bright in the balance between being chic and staying beach casual. It offers modern, trendsetting women’s wear catering to the fashion-forward clientele. You can keep up with them on Facebook, @bolufeboutique, and also on LinkedIn.


Versakini lives up to its name, producing versatile bikinis that are bold, distinctive, and latest in trends. Their designs are sure to make a lasting impression whether you’re lounging by the pool or frolicking on the beach. Say hello to them on Facebook, @versakini, and also on LinkedIn.


A game-changer in the world of eyewear, SLYDZ EYEWEAR TECHNOLOGY makes fashion-forward glasses that let their wearers express their unique styles. Through innovative technology, Slydz offers the freedom to change eyewear shapes and colors, matching unique moods and styles. Follow their trendy designs on Facebook and @slydzeyewear.

New You Hair & Nails

For the budget-conscious woman yearning to look her best, New You Hair & Nails has got you covered. From breathtaking hair styling to sophisticated nail designs, they offer a range of services designed to enhance your beauty and boost your confidence. Stay updated with them on LinkedIn.

Justin Harvey

At Justin Harvey, unique fashion and quality fabrication is the order of the day. This leading fashion catalog retailer impresses with signature clothing items made using finest European fabrics and craftsmanship. Check out what’s new on Facebook and @justinharveyltd.

As we unwind our Delray Beach tour, we hope our stroll through these fantastic lifestyle companies has been enjoyable and insightful. Stay tuned as we continue our nationwide journey to bring you more of America’s lifestyle industry gems.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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