Exploring Elite Fitness Industry Titans Headquartered in Logan, Utah

As part of our series on local businesses, we shift the spotlight to the dynamic Fitness industry right here in Logan, Utah, United States. Home to a bustling fitness community, Logan boasts several companies that utilize revolutionary technology to go beyond limits and redefine the concept of fitness. From health care to computer technology, these companies are making significant strides in a variety of fitness-related fields. Let’s dive deeper to discover the unique offerings and remarkable achievements of these hustling businesses.

Each of these diverse companies offers a unique perspective or service within the realm of health and fitness. By focusing their resources and capitalizing on industry growth, these companies have gained substantial recognition. As you peruse the descriptions and bios, we encourage you to visit their websites and engage with their social media to learn more about their products and services.

The Logan-based companies we’ll be getting to know range from manufacturers of exercise equipment to providers of virtual fitness training. Despite their differences, they all share a common goal – enhancing the physical and mental well-being of their clients. Find out how each company contributes to the health and fitness sector.


Headquartered in Logan, Utah, iFit operates in the health, fitness, IT, and personal care industries. Founded by Raider S, iFit has brought an innovative streaming technology to the market that harmoniously coordinates the user, their smart machine, and an iFit trainer during workouts. This unique approach allows users to engage in studio classes, global workouts, Google map workouts, and cross-training workouts from the comfort of their homes. Follow iFit on Facebook, LinkedIn, and on Twitter at @ifit.


Under the leadership of founders Gary Stevenson and Scott Watterson, iFIT has grown into a global subscription tech company with a strong presence in the fitness industry. Catering to an international clientele, iFIT pioneers interactive personal training experiences and home fitness solutions using proprietary software, experiential content, and interactive hardware. Stay updated with iFIT’s latest offerings on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter at @iFit.


Known for its exercise and residential fitness equipment, NordicTrack operates in the fitness and healthcare sector. Upon its founding by Edward Pauls, NordicTrack committed to providing high-quality fitness equipment to enhance workout experiences. Connect with NordicTrack on Facebook or via Twitter at @nordictrack.

Impact Suite

Founded by Clay Olsen, Impact Suite operates in the health and wellness industry, providing evidence-based solutions designed to tackle mental health issues like depression and anxiety, along with programs for general self-improvement. Impact suite can be followed on Facebook, LinkedIn and on Twitter.


The brainchild of Andrey Patenko, ProForm has become a leading name in the fitness and retail industry. ProForm’s realm of operations also extends to sales and shopping. They can be reached out on Facebook and on Twitter at @ProFormFitness.

Sports Academy & Racquet Club

The Sports Academy & Racquet Club offers a variety of services, including circuit training, personal coaching, group fitness, and more. Enhancing the wellness and training field, the club provides a comprehensive range of fitness opportunities to motivate and challenge fitness enthusiasts. They can be located on Facebook or you can connect with them on LinkedIn.

KUBEX Fitness

KUBEX Fitness has made its mark in the fitness and health care sector by offering specialist exercises under the guidance of experienced physiologists and trainers. They advocate for fitness accessibility through their affordable gym plans and utilize animations to guide users through their workouts. Follow their fitness journey through Facebook, LinkedIn, and on Twitter at @kubexfitness.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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