Exploring Lake Forest’s Impact on the Global Sports Goods Industry

Welcome to our latest segment where we delve into the world of Sporting Goods and explore the businesses that contribute to this dynamic industry. Nestled in Lake Forest, California is a hotbed of companies revolutionizing sports and outdoor activities. From creating exceptional golf tech to crafting skateboards that turn heads, these companies from Lake Forest are setting industry standards in sporting goods manufacturing and retail.

Regardless of the sport you play or the outdoor activity you like, you will most likely find a company in Lake Forest that caters to your needs or shares your passion. Whether you’re an experienced athlete hoping to improve your game, a casual player seeking stylish gear, or a fan who loves to surround yourself with quality sports memorabilia, Lake Forest’s sporting goods industry boasts plenty of options for you.

In this article series, we’re highlighting companies from the region that are leaving their mark on the sporting goods industry. We’ve compiled a list of notable names that are making significant strides. Not only will we introduce you to the companies, but we’ll also dive into their unique offerings and their contributions to the sports world.


Known for its cutting-edge technology in the golf industry, Uneekor specializes in crafting superior golf simulators with stunning realism and accuracy. They cater to avid golfers seeking to improve their skills off the greens. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


etnies, rooted in the skateboarding community, produces stylish footwear and apparel. They represent the convergence of sports and fashion elegantly, a feat they maintain by maintaining high industry standards. You can engage with them on Facebook, @etnies on Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Welcome Skateboards

For those with a love of skateboarding, Welcome Skateboards offers an exciting range of products. This company stands out with their uniqueness in design and quality, promising a compelling skateboarding experience every time. Stay updated with their latest offerings on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Power Balance

Power Balance is dedicated to helping athletes enhance their performance with their innovative, high-tech sporting goods. Their signature products include holographic wristbands and sports gear, designed to aid athletes in their pursuit of excellence. Connect with them via @PowerBalance_ on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Creative Arcades

Inspired by the classics but driven by modern technology, Creative Arcades provides state-of-the-art gaming equipment. The company crafts racing, stand-up, and cocktail arcades that bridge the gap between the traditional and contemporary gaming experience. You can find them on Facebook, @creativearcades on Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Committed to promoting health and wellness, ActiveWrap specializes in providing pain-relief products like heat and ice wraps. They cater to professional athletes, sport enthusiasts, and individuals with different physical conditions. Engage with them on their Facebook page and @activewrap on Twitter.

This roundup of Lake Forest’s sporting goods companies showcases the breadth and depth of the industry. From specialized sport gear to innovative sports related technology, these companies certainly demonstrate Lake Forest’s formidable presence in the sporting goods sector. Stay tuned as we continue to explore other players in the industry in our forthcoming articles!

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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