Exploring Nottingham-Based Fitness Giants: A Spotlight on Quins

The city of Nottingham, UK, is not just known for its rich history, but also a burgeoning fitness industry. This article presents a series of Nottingham’s based fitness companies that have been driving trends and setting standards in the fitness realm. Each of these companies provides unique solutions within the broader fitness industry, from indoor bikes to digital health coaching, all contributing to a healthier and active lifestyle for people around the globe.

Ranging from healthcare to sports and training, these companies have one common goal: the pursuit of fitness and help individuals achieve their health-related goals. Let’s delve into each of these companies in detail to understand their contributions to the fitness industry.

The companies listed here not only have their headquarters in Nottingham, but they are also expanding globally, attesting to the innovative, flexible, and resilient nature of Nottingham’s fitness industry. The selection mirrors a fragments of innovation scene, showcasing everything from health apps to cutting-edge fitness equipment and excellent fitness centres.


Founded by Ian Wilson, Wattbike is the ultimate indoor bike that collects real-time data with scientific accuracy to improve both fitness and cycling technique. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn or follow the conversation on Twitter.


Dedicated to creating innovative and effective solutions for a more significant understanding of health, roadtohealth was formed by Alistair Wickens. Their unique ‘Q Score’ provides an easily understood ‘health state’ benchmark, and their personalised ‘health coach’ programme provides the most effective health improvement programme for any individual.


With a personalized health coaching programme and advice, Quealth focuses on motivating and supporting individuals towards their health goals. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn or engage with them on Twitter.

HAVi Technologies

HAVi Technologies has made immense progress in Hand Arm Vibration, a challenging issue to solve. They’ve succeeded in raising awareness of HAV through the introduction of lower vibration equipment, job rotation, and staff training. Engage with them on Facebook and LinkedIn or Twitter on @thehavi_latest.

The Health Store

The Health Store is a reputable fitness company committed to promoting wellness and personal healthcare. For additional information and updates, follow them on LinkedIn.

Creative Fitness Marketing

Creative Fitness Marketing is a name synonymous with fitness. They are dedicated to delivering wellness solutions to fitness enthusiasts. Get in touch with them on Facebook and LinkedIn or join the conversation on Twitter.

The Lenton Centre

Situated in New Lenton, an inner-city area one mile south-west of Nottingham city centre, the The Lenton Centre offers a complete fitness solution to its patrons. Join their community on Facebook or follow their activities on Twitter.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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