Exploring Oslo’s Pioneering Enterprises in the Recreation Sports Industry

In Oslo, Norway, the recreation industries are in the pockets of dynamic companies which have exciting operations providing innovative solutions. From sports, adventure, and fitness, to gaming and travel accommodations, these Oslo-based companies are making significant impacts in their respective spheres. Below, we take a look at some of these companies, their goals, accomplishments, and the extraordinary minds behind them.

In a world obsessed with technology, some of these companies leverage this love for digital to bridge diverse sectors like software, travel, gaming, and sports. They create platforms that provide end-to-end solutions for adventurers, fitness enthusiasts, and thrill-seekers alike. Others take a more traditional approach, offering quality physical products and services that cater to a different, yet equally important, market.

Each of these companies has a unique story, a different approach, and a singular goal- to redefine the meaning of recreation, fun, and leisure. Their operations may differ vastly, but they all contribute to making Oslo a hotspot for recreation industries. Let’s explore each one of these companies in detail.


Outtt, founded by Erlend Eggen, Espen Oldeman Lund, and Mari Mathews, aims to make the great outdoors more accessible. They’re addressing the knowledge gap between trail and activity discovery, and achievement, by building an end-to-end solution. This platform simplifies the process of finding trails and activities, curates relevant content, and provides offline maps and positioning. More about them can be found on their social media platforms: @stay_outtt on Twitter and Facebook.

Norsk Rikstoto

Norsk Rikstoto is a company that sits comfortably in the racing, recreation, and sports industry. The core activities of Norsk Rikstoto are available on their Facebook and @Norsk_Rikstoto on Twitter. You can also connect with them on their official LinkedIn page.

Floatel International

Floatel International provides top-notch hotel and travel accommodations alongside fleet management. It supplies a modern, safe, and reliable fleet of semi-submersible accommodation and construction support vessels. These are designed to meet the increasingly demanding projects in deep water and hostile environments. The company prides itself on its high living standards and superior support services. Find more about them on LinkedIn.

nORU Kajakk

nORU Kajakk is a key player in Oslo’s manufacturing, recreation, retail, and sporting goods industry. Stay updated by visiting their company’s website.

Mudo Gym

Mudo Gym, a pioneer in the fitness, healthcare, media, entertainment, recreation, and wellness sector. The company information and activities can be found on LinkedIn.

Erik Arnesen Bryn

Erik Arnesen Bryn is a leading enterprise in the automotive industry in Oslo, focusing on recreational vehicles and sales. Connect with this company on the official LinkedIn page.

The Escape Games

Founded by Alex Ilchyshyn and Denys Ilchyshyn, The Escape Games offers interactive real-life experiences with captivating stories and complete furnishings. Founded in 2015, it has grown to become a significant name in the casual gaming, recreation, and serious games industry. They can be found on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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