Exploring Paris-Based Businesses Revitalizing the French Cycling Industry

Cycling in Paris has seen a notable uptick, thanks to trends in eco-friendly commuting and fitness. The Ile-de-France region is home to numerous innovative companies operating in the cycling industry, contributing to a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. This piece will introduce some of the top companies in the space, reviewing their origins, specialties, and contributions to the industry.

Paris, often romanticized as the city of lights, has evolved to a bustling hub of startups and established companies, pushing the boundaries of technology and sustainability. Our focus in this feature is the cycling industry, an area where Paris-based firms have innovated impressively with advancements in materials, community-building, software, bike-sharing services, and eco-friendly practices.

Each company that we will highlight is making significant contributions to the economic and social fabric of the city. Paris’s cycle-centric culture and these dynamic companies jointly champion an eco-conscious, healthier society


Founded by Benjamin Saada, FAIRMAT belongs to the automotive and sports industry, among others. The company is pioneering a unique, sustainable method to recycle carbon fiber composite. FAIRMAT’s proprietary technology creates a recycled material that is lightweight, durable, and high-tech. This eco-friendly material is utilized across various industries including mobility, consumer electronics, automotive, and sports. Find them on LinkedIn as well.

Sport Heroes

In the world of health and fitness, Sport Heroes stands as a prime example of how technology, community, and sport can intersect. Founded by Boris Pourreau and Jean-Charles Touzalin, the Sport Heroes platform motivates users to stay fit through an interactive digital experience. With a global team spanning Paris, London, Madrid and Sydney, they inspire users to fullfill their health goals. Visit their LinkedIn for more information.


Lixo, helmed by founders Marjorie Darcet and Olivier Large, has created software solutions that enhance the productivity of recycling companies. Their tools assist in waste collection, sorting, and recycling, making the process greener and more efficient. Check out their LinkedIn portal for further details.


Zoov was founded by Amira Haberah, Arnaud Le Rodallec, and Eric Carreel, and is taking strides in the cycling industry. The company provides a compact, easy-to-install, green electric bike-sharing service. With services already launched in several sectors and schools, Zoov offers fast, eco-friendly, minimal-effort travel alternatives. Learn more about them on LinkedIn and their Facebook page.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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