Exploring Picardie’s Elite Lifestyle Companies in Quins: A Sports Perspective

Located in the heart of Us, Picardie in France, is an assortment of companies that have been influencing the lifestyle industry with their innovative products and services. These globally recognized companies add a unique modern French charm to the industry making them stand out in the competitive market. From the most chic fashion brands, to health care and finance, we delve into these flourishing companies that have successfully created a place in the heart of thousands of customers worldwide.

These companies, with their diverse industries, have been playing a key role in shaping the lifestyle scenario around the globe. Each one of them reflects a blend of creativity, innovation and professionalism. Let’s hop into the profiles of these companies offering a wide range of products and services that cater to the various demands of the lifestyle industry.

While you explore these companies, you might want to check out their websites for a closer view of their offerings. Each company’s name in the following description is the URL to their website. Click on them to dive deeper into the company’s world.

The Connaught Group Ltd

Being a leader in the Fashion, Lifestyle, Retail industry, The Connaught Group Ltd’s unmatched dedication can be witnessed in their elegantly crafted masterpieces. Visit their LinkedIn profile for more information and their Facebook page for the latest updates.


An advocate of fashion that suits everyone, Qwear provides style solutions catering to LGBTQUIA+ individuals. Their blog promotes independent designers and brands while coaching the mainstream fashion industry. Get to know more about them on LinkedIn and follow their latest fashion advice on Facebook as well as Twitter.

Brayshaw Financial Group

Catering to a wide array of services from Consulting, Financial Services, Insurance, Lifestyle, to Retirement, Brayshaw plays a significant role in accomplishing financial goals of many. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook for instant updates and check out their LinkedIn profile for insights into their work.

Montana Living

Montana Living stands tall in industries such as Health Care, Lifestyle, Media and Entertainment, Online Portals, Publishing. Their contributions make wellness and leisure living reachable goals. To stay updated, follow them on their Facebook page and Twitter handle

Exclusively Radiant MedSpa

Exclusively Radiant MedSpa caters to the Health Care, Lifestyle, Medical, Wellness industry. They work towards making wellness care accessible to all. Check out their Facebook page and Twitter handle for more.

K2 Laserworks

Taking online shopping to another level, K2 Laserworks offers innovative fashion and lifestyle products through E-Commerce. Take a closer look at their offerings on LinkedIn and stay connected with them on Facebook.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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