Exploring Recreation Companies Operating in Provo, Utah: A Sports Perspective

Whether you’re looking for physical fitness, auto repair, or community development, Provo, Utah seems to be the place to be. This picturesque city hosts a myriad of businesses offering diverse services and products, all aimed toward creating a fulfilling recreational experience for residents and visitors alike. This installation of our series focuses on eight diverse companies located right in Provo, promising to offer a wide range of services for your leisure and living needs.

From virtual fitness platforms to adventure sports, Provo’s nation-leading corporate ecosystem lends dynamism to the evolving recreation landscape. These companies are not just innovative in their offerings, but also actively contribute to the socio-economic fabric of the city. Each company has its unique journey woven into the broader business narrative of Provo. Let’s delve deeper into their stories.

Follow us on this spotlight tour of Provo as we explore what these companies bring to the table, their founders’ visions and how each of these diverse experiences add to the recreational landscape of the city. Whether you’re a Provo native or a curious visitor, come discover the array of activities available in the city.

True Adherence

Founded by Kyle D. C. Poulin, True Adherence is a revolutionary fitness platform, offering a high-tech personal trainer experience. True Adherence empowers people of all shapes, sizes and ages to take control of their fitness journey with a motivational digital personal trainer. Stay tuned to their latest updates on Twitter and Facebook.

University Collision

University Collision, a trusted car bodywork repair center, offers a wide variety of services. Their sterling reputation in auto electrical diagnostics, fluid flushes, scheduled maintenance, engine repair, and much more has made them a go-to centre in Provo. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn for all your auto repair needs.

The Quarry Indoor Climbing Center

From youth climbing to recreational team, The Quarry Indoor Climbing Center has a wide range of services for all individuals interested in climbing. Locate them on their social media platforms on Facebook, LinkedIn and follow them on Twitter.

Live Your Dream

The Live Your Dream Foundation provides golf courses and training services, supporting the educational journey of single mothers with scholarships. Stay updated on their latest contributions on LinkedIn and Twitter

Medallion Services

Operating with a noble mission, Medallion Services create job opportunities and provide recreational programs specifically for individuals with developmental disabilities. Reach out to them on Facebook and learn more about their far-reaching efforts.

Utah Lake Commission

The Utah Lake Commission works tirelessly to engage communities and develop recreation activities around Utah lake. Connect with them on Facebook, follow updates on Twitter and connect on LinkedIn.

Brave Response

Offering services in the recreational sporting industry, Brave Response adds to the adventurous spirit of Provo. Follow them on Facebook to keep updated on their latest activities.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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