Exploring Sioux Falls: Pioneers in South Dakota’s Recreation Industry Spotlight


Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is not just a picturesque city famous for a blend of urban and natural attractions but also a hometown to a diverse portfolio of companies operating in the Recreation industry. From recreational vehicles and sports to construction and events, these companies form the backbone of Sioux Falls’ vibrant economy. This article features outstanding companies headquartered in Sioux Falls, providing services that foster adventure, relaxation and enrich local communities.

The companies span various sectors, including Automotive, Financial Services, Events, Golf, Non-Profit, Civil Engineering, Construction, Interior Design, Retail, Amusement Park, and Soccer, among others. They offer different services, catering to individuals, families, organizations, and even other businesses, enhancing engagement, leisure, and entertainment.

Enjoy discovering more about each company, their intriguing stories, and how they contribute to the Sioux Falls vibrant scene of recreational activities.

Schaap’s RV Traveland

Located in the heart of Sioux Falls, Schaap’s RV Traveland is geared towards serving the Automotive, Financial Services and Recreational Vehicles industries. Known for its expansive selection of RVs suited to a wide range of budgets and specifications, Schaap’s RV Traveland brings the joy of travel to Sioux Falls and beyond. The company prides itself on both their quality products and their exceptional customer service. Connect with Schaap’s RV Traveland on their Facebook page.

Minnehaha Country Club

As a treasured part of Sioux Falls community, Minnehaha Country Club has been serving its members with top-quality golf, social events, and a fantastic selection of dining options. The club is known for its warmth, professionalism and commitment to members, emphasizing the positive and strong community spirit. For the latest news and events, follow Minnehaha Country Club on their Facebook page or check out the company’s LinkedIn profile.

Lutherans Outdoors

Lutherans Outdoors is a non-profit, community-oriented company providing a variety of recreational programs. The company is best known for its empowering and educational camps and retreats that foster creativity, critical thinking, and a sense of belonging. Be sure to keep up with Lutherans Outdoors activities and announcements on their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

Builder’s Millwork & Window

Builder’s Millwork & Window is a staple of Sioux Falls’s interior design, civil engineering, construction, and recreation sectors. The firm offers a vast assortment of brands in vinyl, fiberglass, and wood windows. Moreover, they boast an impressive millwork display that caters to both residential and commercial applications. You can follow Builder’s Millwork & Window on their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

Brothers Auto Sales

Brothers Auto Sales is a standout in the automotive, recreational vehicles, and retail industry sectors. Providing Sioux Falls with a wide selection of vehicles and financial services, Brothers Auto Sales is committed to meeting a vast range of customer needs. Stay updated with their latest models on their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

South Dakota Golf Association

The South Dakota Golf Association is at the heart of the golf community in Sioux Falls and across the state. As a non-profit, the SDGA works to promote golf as a sport and recreational activity for all ages. Keep up to date with SDGA events and news via their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

Bakker Crossing Golf Course

Bakker Crossing Golf Course provides a rich golfing experience with its premium course information, playing tips, golf lessons, and excellent customer service. Their thoughtful approach to golfing makes them a favorite among Sioux Falls residents. You can check out their latest news on their Facebook page or LinkedIn profile.

Wild Water West

Wild Water West is an iconic amusement park and arcade in Sioux Falls, offering fun and relaxation for the whole family. With comprehensive food and beverage services, they ensure a joyous day out for everyone. Stay updated with their upcoming events on their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

Indoor Football League

For those passionate about soccer and sports, Indoor Football League is a professional sports league that hosts an indoor football league. The league offers thrilling action and an exciting atmosphere for all its fans. Follow their latest matches and events on their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.


Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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