Franklin Lifestyle Brands’ Impact on Tennessee’s Health and Fitness Industry


In the heart of Tennessee lies a city that carries a rich history, a promising future, and a diverse lifestyle industry. Franklin, known best for its pivotal role in the American Civil War, now acts as a thriving hub for a multitude of companies specialising in the Fashion, Health Care, Leisure and other Lifestyle sectors. This article dives into the essential details and history of various companies headquartered here, each playing a significant role in shaping the town’s economy and community’s dynamics.

Prominent within the bustling cityscape of Franklin are various companies with distinct industry interests, all serving towards transforming lives and contributing to the town’s vibrant lifestyle. Ranging from Fashion to Pet care, these organizations have etched a distinctive identity for themselves.

Let’s explore these companies, their trajectory, and the incredible work they’ve been doing to make Franklin, Tennessee, a beacon in the lifestyle industry.

The Tom James Company

Founded by Spencer Hays, The Tom James Company is a sterling name in the world of Fashion, Jewelry, and Lifestyle. This company has marked its position as an industry leader with its distinctive ventures. Connect with them on Facebook and Linkedin.


Initiated by Christa Gonzales and Michael Gonzales, ACTIVENOW takes the lead in the Health Care, Internet, and Lifestyle sectors. They provide a platform to streamline the search for everything active and healthy in Franklin. You can follow them on Twitter @ACTIVENOW1.

The Farm at Natchez Trace

Operating within the realm of Animal Feed, Health Care, and Lifestyle among others, The Farm at Natchez Trace provides luxurious settings for your adored pets, offering optimum care and services. You can get in the loop with their latest updates on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter @TheFarmNatTrace.

JK Crew Golf

In the world of Fashion, Leisure, Lifestyle, and Sports, JK Crew Golf stands apart by providing quality golf gear. They’ve expanded their influence across various countries, earning international acclaim. Find more about them on Facebook and Twitter @JkCrewGolf.

Forest Home Media

Founded by Nancy McNulty, Forest Home Media specializes in Advertising, Consulting, and Marketing services. They have a distinctive name in the industry, thanks to their innovative campaigns and strategies. They’re active on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter @fhmediamktg.


Gust, an industry leader in Advertising and Social Media, distributes brand stories to their target audience in a predictable and efficient manner.

Firearms for Sale

In the realm of E-Commerce, Fashion, Lifestyle, and Outdoors, Firearms for Sale can be considered a one-stop destination for guns and accessories. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter @firearmsforsale for more.

Restoring Peace Ministries, INC

Striving to mend the threads of relationships, Restoring Peace Ministries, INC, offers counseling services aimed at strengthening the bonds between individuals. Stay connected with them on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter @restoring_peace.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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