Granada’s Top Sporting Goods Businesses Thriving in Andalucia’s Sports Scene

Welcome to the latest installment in Quins’ series on the thriving Sporting Goods industry in the heart of Andalusia. The city of Granada has become a hub for sports-related businesses, boasting several companies operating in various sports arenas. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast looking for the best gear or a casual reader interested in industry trends, this piece provides an overview of some fascinating businesses worth putting on your radar.

We’ll take a look at companies specializing in everything from consumer electronics and retail to delivery, shipping, and e-commerce — all dedicated to providing top-quality sporting goods. What’s more, these businesses are contributing significantly to the local economy while making Granada a city synonymous with sporting excellence.

Each company profile includes a brief description of what they do, where they’re located, and links to their various online platforms. Each of the businesses covered is based in Granada, Andalucia, and operates in the Sporting Goods industry, showcasing the range and diversity of the city’s sports-related endeavors.

Based in Granada, operates in the consumer electronics, retail, and sporting goods industries. They offer a range of running and trekking shoes and accessories, as well as nutritional supplements. Furthermore, they provide a plethora of electronics, including GPS sports watches, headphones, headlamps, and massage devices, from a variety of top brands. Connect with them on their Facebook or via their @als_sport_es Twitter handle.


At SportStore, you can find sports attire for soccer, running, basketball, tennis, paddle, fitness, swimming, cycling, and more. Their wide range of products includes balls, footwear, t-shirts, sweatshirts, tracksuits, shorts, backpacks, and bags. This company, which operates in the realm of delivery, sales, shipping, and sporting goods, has a thriving Facebook page and a Twitter handle, @SportStoreWeb.

Solo Adventure

Solo Adventure is an e-commerce business that provides all kinds of mountain sports essentials: climbing, mountaineering, trekking, running, and camping equipment, among others. They cater to both men and women and enjoy interacting with their audience through their engaging Facebook page.


As the name implies, NatacionCS is a godsend for swimming enthusiasts. They offer swimming trunks, glasses, caps, boards & pull buoys, fins, snorkel tubes, flip flops, towels, and other necessities. Online orders are now possible, making it easier for customers to source their swim gear from anywhere. They often share updates and offers on their Facebook page and can be found on Twitter as @natacioncs.

Armeria Y Deportes Azor

Another noteworthy company based in Granada, Andalucia, in the sporting goods and automotive industry is Armeria Y Deportes Azor. They have a dedicated following on their Facebook page and their Twitter handle @ociodeporte1, where they tend to share their latest updates.

SBC Bike Store

If cycling is your passion, then SBC Bike Store should be on your shortlist. Dealing in e-bikes, cycles, shoes, clothing, electronics, and other components, this company provides a complete cycling experience. They stock top-notch brands and their portfolio is a testament to their commitment to the sporting goods industry.


Specializing in fashion and sporting goods, Cervi blends style and practicality. While we do not have much information on their founders or detailed business operations, they do maintain a presence on Facebook, where they interact with customers and fans alike.