Highlighting Hyderabad’s Standout Fitness Companies: A Quins Sports Exclusive

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, one of India’s major tech hubs, is also home to a burgeoning scene of companies in the fitness, health and wellness sector. From online women health clinics to stem cell based disease management companies, Hyderabad is a hotbed of innovation in this industry. This article, part of a series for our Sports magazine, Quins, will highlight some of these companies, providing insights into their founders, their unique propositions, and the ways they’re contributing to the Fitness industry.


Hera operates in the Fitness, Health Care and Wellness industry. Hera is committed to easing the journey of individuals towards a healthier lifestyle. Further information about Hera can be found on their social media platforms on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Celes Care

With co-founders like Raghu Bathina and Rajah Vikramaditya Koppala at the helm, Celes Care is India’s first Online Health Clinic for Women. They offer doctor consultation services on Pregnancy Care, Nutrition, Wellness & General Health and are uniquely positioned to take on the challenge of providing healthcare to women in a convenient, online format. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


BookMEDS, is a healthcare ecommerce startup initiated by Mohammed Abubakr, Sajid Sikander and Subathra Santhanam. Customers can order medical products via their website which deploys certified pharmacists for all pharmaceutical related operations. BookMEDS is particularly present on Facebook and Twitter.

Transcell Biolife

Founded by Subadra Dravida, Transcell is a biotech company that has bridged the gap between research & discoveries in clinical applications by developing innovative stem cell based approaches in disease management. More information about Transcell can be obtained from their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.


Bleu, founded by Komal Baldwa, is a sexual wellness company that offers hypoallergenic condoms which do not contain any harsh chemicals. They have significant social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Under the leadership of Raushan Yoganta, the company offers online and offline wellness services in fitness, yoga, nutrition, chronic pain management and mental wellness. To connect with Yoganta check their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.


Founded by Deenanath Harapanahalli, Cykul is a fitness company that makes fitness playful and sportive. Their social media platforms can be found on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Heartfulness Institute

Heartfulness Institute is a non-profit organization that is geared towards helping people integrate meditation into their lives and discover inner contentment. They maintain active profiles on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Akshar Wellness Center

Akshar Wellness Center contributes to the Fitness and Health Care industry. More information about Akshar Wellness Center can be found on Facebook and Twitter.


OGO is a mobile marketplace that connects Beauty & Wellness Professionals to Consumers. Founded by Prashanth Gowriraju, OGO has found a unique niche in the beauty, e-commerce and wellness industry. They can be found on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


LeanSpoon, the brainchild of founders Gopikrishna Lingala and Saneesha Lingala, provides wellness counselling and tasty meals personalized to individual health goals. Stay connected with LeanSpoon through their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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