Highlighting St. Charles Based Fitness Innovators: Missouri’s Premier Health Companies

Welcome to the latest edition of our series highlighting the top companies operating in the fitness industry in St. Charles, Missouri, United States. In this installment, we are exploring everything from corporations providing global health solutions to companies revolutionizing women’s sportswear. With a rich array of innovation and expertise, these institutions are putting St. Charles on the map for fitness and wellness. They boast diverse solutions and equip individuals with resources to stay active and healthy. Uncover for yourself the phenomenon that is the St. Charles fitness industry.

The fitness industry has found its home in St. Charles, giving rise to a multitude of companies offering unique perspectives on fitness and wellness. From traditional wellness techniques to integrative patient-centered medical care, these St. Charles based companies embody a holistic and diverse approach to health and fitness. In highlighting these businesses, we aim to promote their services and offerings while inspiring and encouraging our readers to take control of and optimize their health.

Delve into this world of innovative fitness and wellness companies, each offering a unique service. Featuring providers of integrative medical and health solutions, unique sportswear brands, organizations centered around aquatic fitness and therapy, holistic health centers, chiropractic wellness services and fitness consulting. Let us set forth and explore the pioneering companies changing the landscape of fitness in St. Charles.

InHouse Physicians

Founded in 1992, by Jonathan Spero, InHouse Physicians is a global provider of integrative medicine and employee health solutions for corporations. Their worksite medical clinics transform the delivery of medical care to employees and dependents via a value based healthcare platform, simultaneously saving costs for employers and improving patient outcomes. They offer an integrative medical home health clinic catering to the medical and psychosocial needs of employees with both traditional and complementary holistic medicine. Connect with them on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Founded by Andrea Robertson, Triflare is a sportswear brand that offers triathlon and athletic apparel specifically designed for women athletes. Triflare’s collection stands out due to their unique prints and are designed to be comfortable and resilient. For female athletes with bold goals, Triflare is the brand of choice. Visit their Facebook for more updates.

ShowMe Aquatics & Fitness

ShowMe Aquatics & Fitness is centered around aquatic fitness and therapy. Using this unique method of exercise and therapy, they serve a wide-ranging audience in St. Charles. Engage with them on their Facebook page.

Total Body Health Center

Total Body Health Center offers services such as laser hair removal, chiropractic care, physical therapy, and weight loss services. They pride themselves on their holistic techniques and strive to help bodies heal themselves. You can follow them on their Facebook and Twitter platforms.

ABChiropractic Family & Wellness

ABChiropractic Family & Wellness offers a plethora of services including auto injury treatment, chiropractic care, physical therapy, posture correction, and much more. They strive to offer care for headaches, low back pain, sports injuries, and work injuries. Stay updated with them on their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

Lacuna Consulting STL

Lacuna Consulting STL is the go-to consulting agency for gyms, helping them with sales, engagement, and retention. Through targeted strategies, they revolutionize the way gyms operate and succeed.

We hope this article has provided insight into the robust fitness scene in St. Charles, Missouri. Stay tuned for more installments highlighting companies in the fitness industry around the world.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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