Manchester United owners have faced more online anger than Boris Johnson and Donald Trump

  • Glazer family have attracted more anger than UK Prime Minister Johnson and former US President Donald Trump
  • Joel Glazer (71% anger rating), Roman Abramovich and Sheikh Mansour least likeable media profiles according to latest research
  • Chelsea has the best media profile of the ‘big six’ while Spurs attract the most anger of the six rebel Super League clubs
  • Liverpool’s John Henry, Arsenal’s Stan Kroenke and outgoing Man Utd vice chairman Ed Woodward have seen most positive online reactions

As the Premier League backlash against the ‘big six’ rebels continues apace, OLBG has taken a look into the online reaction to the key figures involved in the attempted Super League breakaway.

Just as politicians and other notable figures hurriedly joined the queue to add their voices to the European Super League’s (ESL) universal condemnation, owners and key figures are frantically scrambling to issue apologies, in a bid to preserve their respective media profiles.

In fact protests were reported at Manchester United’s Carrington training base on Thursday morning, as they, along with Liverpool and four other English Premier League (EPL) sides withdrew from the ESL on Tuesday after a ferocious backlash.

Joel Glazer’s name in Sunday afternoon’s bombshell press release has done the American businessman no favours, with a staggering 71% of all reactions to online news articles on him marked by anger.

The 50-year-old issued a rare public comment saying the club “apologise unreservedly for the unrest”, and subsequently Joel and The Glazers have become the only names on OLBG’s list that have attracted more anger than both British PM Boris Johnson and former POTUS Donald Trump over the last 12 months.

Liverpool John W Henry apologised to supporters too, but with 52% of reactions in the past 12 months being positive (as of 22/04/2021), there is a good chance the American investor will retain the strongest approval rating among the EPL money men.

In terms of clubs, Chelsea lead the pack with 82% of all reactions to 6,092 articles published over the past 12 months being positive, while London rivals Tottenham have the highest percentage of anger.

Manchester United’s outgoing executive Vice-Chairman Ed Woodward has been the subject of 641 articles, with 21,000 reactions recorded across various platforms, and surprisingly just 13% were angry, while 38% were love. 

Former United defender and Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville, perhaps the concept’s most vocal detractor, has been on the receiving end of just 3% anger from 110,100 reactions to published articles.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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