Manchester’s Top Fitness Companies Enhancing the UK’s Health and Wellness

Manchester, known for its industrial heritage has evolved into a thriving hub for business across sectors – in particular the ever-growing Fitness Industry. A combination of innovative technology, entrepreneurial spirit, and a pressing need for health and wellness improvement has seen the Manchester Fitness Industry expand at an impressive rate. The fitness sector is no longer confined to conventional gym equipment manufacturers and fitness centres, it is ever evolving to include technology for personalised health, augmented reality for sports, smart wearable and even artificial intelligence. Here are a ten promising Fitness Companies based in Manchester:


Founders: Adam Dickinson, Andy Etches, Gareth Thatcher

Operating in the cross-section of Sports, Augmented Reality and Rehabilitation, Rezzil has established itself as the leading platform for developing elite footballers. Counting world cup and European league champions among its users, Rezzil aims to build resilience in athletes when it is needed most: during high-pressure games. Find them on @rezzil, Facebook and Linkedin.

Keia Ltd

Founder: Pete Petrondas

Keia connects practitioners and consumers of wellness services, spanning 27 areas and growing, with a mission to make wellness services accessible and affordable for all. Using cutting-edge technology, Keia supports healthcare professionals with cloud-based business management software to help them manage and grow their businesses. They can be found on @Keia_Wellness and Facebook.


Founders: Ben Whatson, Jack Peagam

Actve is an online fitness platform that enables trainers, influencers and athletes to run live classes and share on-demand workouts. Actve empowers these creators with all the tools they need to enhance the interactivity and experience for the consumers. Find them on Facebook and Linkedin.


Founder: Saeid Jamali

intellithing connects multiple data points from smart devices to offer health and fitness-related insights. They can be followed on @intellithing, Facebook and Linkedin.

RDX Sports

Founders: Ahtesham Sadiq, Noman Sadiq

Begun in 1999, RDX Sports has become one of the fastest growing Combat Sports & Fitness brands in the world. They aim to make high-quality sports equipment accessible at competitive prices. You can follow them on @rdxsports, Facebook and Linkedin.


Founders: Adam Barker, Martin Kehayov, Sean Downey

MagnaPass is a fitness ecosystem, enabling studios/freelancers to gain new clients, manage their business, and expose themselves to corporate opportunities. Follow them on @magna_pass and Facebook.


Founder: Mark Pedley

SmartLife is a pioneer in smart garment technology, developing patented textile sensors, electronics and firmware capable of detecting the body’s biophysical signals. Discover more about them on @SmartLife_HQ, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founders: Lanre Olaitan, Sam Jones

MedCircuit is innovating in the medical field with its groundbreaking triage software. Combining Artificial Intelligence and healthcare, it assists doctors and nurses in creating efficiency in both emergency medicine and general practice. Learn more on Linkedin.


Founder: Richard Beardsell

ShakeSphere Products Limited manufactures industry-leading protein shaker bottles. Their goal is to revolutionize the shaker bottle market and create innovative products that improve the health, wellbeing, and happiness of its users. Follow them on @shakespherehq and Facebook.


Founders: Charles Burr, Jerry Krylov

Corner combines the best boxing trainers with punch tracking technology to bring an interactive fitness experience. Their on-demand classes help people around the world to upgrade their home workouts and get more from their training. Track metrics, challenge for PBs and compete against other members in real-time using Corner trackers and third-party heart rate monitors. More about them on @trainwithcorner, Facebook and Linkedin.


Founders: N/A

Pulseroll offers vibrating foam rollers and various other fitness products. Pulseroll’s customers include professional sports teams, Olympic athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Follow them on @pulserolluk, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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