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NBA Players Most Likely To Make The Hall Of Fame

When discussing future Hall-Of-Famers, there’s no shortage of NBA picks. Right now, more than ever, the league is overflowing with talent. Each conference is loaded with great players and teams for the first time in what feels like a decade. The unknown of the superior team in each conference makes the playoffs more exciting.

However, unlike any other sport, the game of basketball can absolutely be taken over by one player on the court. We saw Lebron do it for ten-plus years, Giannis in 2020, MJ in the 90s, and Shaq in the early 2000s. More often than not, when these players come out and dominate games, their team often prevails.

These types of put-the-team-on-your-back moments make legends in the NBA and eventually Hall-Of-Famers. Today, we take a look at some of these legends in the NBA that are sure locks to make the Hall-Of-Fame down the road. These players are still making an impact on their legacies year-to-year but have already made enough impact in the league to one day be in the Hall.

Lebron James

Considered by many to be the greatest player of all time, Lebron is, without a doubt, a first-ballot Hall-Of-Famer. Lebron James has built up quite the resume over his 19 seasons in the NBA. Four MVPs, Four Titles, and Four Finals MVPs are just some of the accolades.

In his upcoming 20th season in the league, assuming there’s no major injury, Lebron will pass Kareem Abdul-Jabar and be the All-Time leading scorer in league history. Lebron is also set to pass Magic Johnson and enter the Top-Five in assists All-Time in league history. People love to give Lebron James hate, but there’s no doubt he’s a legend.

Nikola Jokic

Nikola Jokic, after back-to-back MVP seasons, has certainly locked him into the Hall-Of-Fame at just 27 years old. Assuming there isn’t a career-ending injury, Jokic could very well find himself into an All-Time great Centers conversation one day. For those who love stats, countless advanced metrics point to Jokic being the greatest offensive weapon ever. Gamblers love Jokic for their NBA picks and parlays because he always fills up the stat sheet.

As the greatest passing big-man ever, there is nothing Jokic can’t do. He can score with ease from every level, rebound, pass, and defend the post with the best of them. Without a doubt, an All-Time great in the making and someone players love to play alongside.

Giannis Antetokounmpo

What Giannis Antetokounmpo has accomplished at just 27 years old is unbelievable. Two MVPs, Most Improved Player, Finals MVP, and Defensive Player Of The Year, are just a few of his accomplishments. To many NBA experts, Giannis is, without a doubt, the best player in the league right now.

Giannis is a modern-day Shaq. He’s too big, too strong, and too fast for anyone to know how to stop him. There is a sense of hopelessness when you are playing the Bucks because the Greek Freak looks like a superhuman on the court. If you need NBA picks today, betting on Giannis is never bad.

James Harden

In 2019, James Harden averaged over 36 points per game. This is the most since the great Michael Jordan in 1987. This occurred the year after he had already won the MVP award.

Harden would win three scoring titles in a row. Kevin Durant and Michael Jordan were the last two players to accomplish such a thing.

Whether you like James Harden’s play style or not, his All-Time numbers are ridiculous. If Numbers don’t lie, they clearly say James Harden will be in the Hall Of Fame one day.

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant very well is the best scorer in NBA history. Gifted with a seven-foot height, KD has the handles and shooting ability of a guard but the defensive rim protection ability of a Center. Durant, despite often being criticized, is a cold-blooded killer.

Kevin Durant has one MVP award and two Finals wins, both of which he won Finals MVP with the Golden State Warriors. KD has led the league in scoring four times, joining Allen Iverson and Michael Jordan as the only players to do so since 1980. Without hesitation, Kevin Durant has already secured himself as a First Ballot Hall-Of-Famer for when his career is wrapped up.

Written by Marcus Richards

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