Norwegian Lifestyle Brands: Thriving Headquarters in Oslo’s Athletic Scene

In the heart of Norway, lies Oslo, a city booming with industries across multiple sectors. A particularly thriving segment is the lifestyle industry, enriched by diverse brands delivering innovative products and services. Among these are companies revolutionizing homes, fashion, personal grooming, health, sports, and so much more. From smart home systems to advanced balance footwear, we’ve outlined some of the most exciting companies headquartered in Oslo, shaping the future of the international lifestyle sector.

These companies are part of a rapidly growing technology scene, exploiting the opportunities of a digital age to enhance and streamline everyday life. Employing a blend of ingenuity, professional savvy, and technological prowess, they are redefining norms and changing the way we live. Below is an exploration of some of these innovative companies making a name for themselves in Oslo’s lifestyle industry.


At the intersection of various segments like E-Commerce Platforms, Electronics, GreenTech, Internet of Things, Lifestyle, Property Management, and Security is Futurehome. Founded by Bjarne Handeland, Erik Stokkeland, Odd Eivind Evensen, and Sigbjørn Groven, Futurehome is on a mission to digitize homes, enhance safety, minimize energy usage, and simplify property management. Currently, the firm serves over 7000 apartment buildings and 20,000 private households. Facebook | LinkedIn | @futurehomeas on Twitter


Hold is an EdTech company founded by Florian Winder, Maths Mathisen, and Vinoth Vinaya. The firm believes in the power of hard work and tenacity, and it aims to make the journey to achieving your goals a rewarding one. Facebook | LinkedIn


A leader in the world of fashion and lifestyle, Bestseller was founded by Troels Holch Povlsen. Offering affordable and stylish clothing and accessories for all ages, Bestseller does business in 70 markets worldwide, with over 3000 branded chain stores. Facebook | LinkedIn

Db Journey

Under the leadership of Jon Olsson and Truls Brataas, Db Journey echoes the active lifestyle of its customers within the E-Commerce, Lifestyle, and Outdoors industries. Facebook | LinkedIn | @dbjourney_ on Twitter


Founded by Castilñano Simoons and Marius Kristiansen, BAD NORWEGIAN combines the natural beauty of Norway with direct-to-consumer retail in the Beauty, Lifestyle, and Men’s sectors. Their silicon-free, paraben-free, vegan skincare, and beard care products are made in Norway, reflecting clean Scandinavian traditions and functional philosophy. Facebook | LinkedIn | @bad_norwegian on Twitter


SWIMS AS, founded by Johan Ringdal, offers a modern perspective on iconic footwear, apparel, and accessories, all designed with our Nordic roots and weather in mind. Facebook | LinkedIn | @swimsofficial on Twitter

Varier Furniture

Varier Furniture designs chairs that are responsive to the human body. Their range of furniture encourages movement, healthier postures, and relaxation. Facebook | LinkedIn | @VarierFurniture on Twitter


Known for its role in the E-Commerce, Lifestyle, and Sports industry, 4Freestyle designs products for freestylers, by freestylers. Determined to push limits and progress freestyle football worldwide. Facebook | LinkedIn

Raise Gruppen

Raise Gruppen, founded by Inger Ellen Nicolaisen, has the primary goal of strengthening people, providing joy, and promoting personal growth and health. LinkedIn


GaitLine is a footwear company that champions the production of advanced balance shoes for sports and daily use. Their products feature innovative designs that encourage improved body alignment, balance, and functionality. Facebook | LinkedIn | @gaitlinenorway on Twitter

In the vibrant world of fashion, lifestyle, retail, and sports, makes its place. They have been systematically forging their path in these industries, delivering quality products to their consumers. Facebook | LinkedIn

These are only some of the companies thriving in Oslo’s lifestyle industry. Their exploits in their respective sectors are not just reshaping the lifestyle industry but are also revolutionizing the way we live.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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