Philadelphia Sports Goods Companies: Powerhouses of the Athletic Industry

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, acts as an incubator for numerous businesses in different sectors of the economy. One of the sectors that has considerably grown over time is the Sporting Goods industry. This article uses a magnifying glass on the businesses that form part of this vibrant industry. The city is home to businesses that encompass both the production and retail of sporting goods, thus providing consumers with a one-stop shopping experience. Here are several prominent companies in the Sporting Goods industry.

We will commence with United By Blue. The company, brought to life by Brain Linton, is vested in the E-Commerce, Fashion, Sales, and Sporting Goods sectors. United By Blue is driven by a potent mix of business and environmental stewardship, with each sale fueling a cleanup of ocean and waterway trash. It is equally fascinating to follow their eco-driven missions on social media platforms such as Facebook and @unitedbyblue on Twitter.

Let’s jump onto another venture in Philadelphia’s Sporting Goods industry, Mitchell & Ness. Founded by Charles M. Ness, Frank P. Mitchell, and Peter Capolino. Mitchell & Ness specializes in the manufacture and sale of a vast assortment of men’s and women’s apparel and accessories. Mitchell & Ness has a significant social media presence. Feel free to follow them on their Facebook page and @mitchell_ness on Twitter.


Tozuda, a company founded by Jessie Garcia, has made significant strides in the Sporting Goods sector. They specialize in Manufacturing, Product Design, Sporting Goods, and Sports. Their focus on affordable, reliable concussion awareness solutions embodies their commitment to safety in sports activities. Be sure to engage with them on @tozudaLLC on Twitter and Facebook. You can also connect with them on LinkedIn.

Performance Bicycle

Visiting Performance Bicycle would reveal a well-established company situated in the city of Brotherly Love. The company offers a wide variety of cycling equipment and related accessories from private-label brands such as Forte, Spin Doctor, Transit, and Scattante. Check out their Facebook and @performancebike on Twitter for more information.

Sport Guard

Sport Guard, co-founded by Bobbie Quinn, is a leading manufacturer and provider of custom mouthguards. For over two decades, Sport Guard has focused on producing superior-quality mouthguards to protect athletes from dental injuries. Connect with them via Facebook, @GladiatorGuards on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Balazs Boxing

Further along the ropes, you’ll find Trisha Pepe Lauden’s business, Balazs Boxing. The company retails boxing gear ranging from boxing basics to punching techniques. Explore their products on Facebook and @balazsboxing on Twitter, as well as their LinkedIn page.

Fuji Bikes

Fuji Bikes is another significant player in Philadelphia’s sporting goods industry. Although of Japanese origin, Fuji Bikes is proudly etched in the American tapestry. They specialize in developing and distributing bicycles and cycling gear for various purposes.

Insight Promotional Marketing

The list also includes Insight Promotional Marketing. The company sells online an array of consumer goods, including apparel, bags, and office supplies, among others. Their health and wellness products stand out in the sporting goods sector.

These fantastic sport-related businesses in Philadelphia continue feeding the city’s sporting spirit. These ventures not only sell quality products but also contribute significantly to community development and environmental sustainability. They play an integral role in molding and inspiring athletes of all ages and skill levels in the City of Brotherly Love and beyond.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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