San Francisco’s Thriving Headquarters: Key Players in Fantasy Sports Industry

The proliferation of fantasy sports in the digital age has led to an emerging hub of industry innovation in San Francisco, California. Companies in this niche are leveraging advanced technologies such as big data analytics, machine learning, web 3, and blockchain to offer elevated experiences to sports enthusiasts. The purpose of this article is to highlight the impressive work done by these San Francisco-based fantasy sports companies.

Fantasy sports have significantly grown in popularity over the last decade, with millions of sports fanatics participating in this the growing pastime. Ergo, a myriad of companies have emerged to take advantage of the opportunities in this booming market. These businesses offer platforms that allow sports fans to engage more interactively with their favorite sports, creating fantasy teams and competing against others.

San Francisco is at the heart of technological innovation and has become the ideal location for startups in the fantasy sports industry. It has notably been facilitating as a platform for these companies to leverage tech advancement in software, analytics, and big data, and use them to enhance the user experience in fantasy sports.

Swish Analytics

Founded by Corey Beaumont, Joseph Hagen, and Robert Skoff, Swish Analytics is a prominent player in the Fantasy Sports industry. The company utilizes analytics, big data, machine learning, and predictive analytics to provide sports predictions. They focus on providing simple and accessible metrics, statistics, and forecasts that resonate with fans and bettors, making it easier for consumers to understand the technical aspects of the sports industry. Connect with them via their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.

Elys Game Technology

Elys Game Technology offers a versatile betting platform capable of processing various types of digital game content. Equipped with a state-of-art betting system, the company bridges the gap between sports and virtual betting solutions, that include online casinos, slot games, poker, bingo, and lottery. Elys Game further expands its reach in the eSports, Casino, Gambling, and Software industries. Learn more about their work on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Fast Break Labs

Fast Break Labs, founded by Charles Du and John Wu, is a Web 3 startup operating within the scope of blockchain and gaming. The company is known for launching “virtual basketball association,” an online fantasy sports league that enables players to construct their basketball team and compete against other virtual teams for prizes. Visit their LinkedIn to know more about the innovative firm.


Established by Ali Moiz and Murtaza Hussain, VULCUN is a popular platform that offers the largest prize pools in Fantasy eSports. The company allows gamers to support their favorite professional players and win substantial real money each season. Stalk them on Twitter or connect via LinkedIn to learn more about Vulcun’s platform.


LIQUID UFS is a Digital Sanctuary for Sports Fans. The company, founded by Danyal Panjwani, integrates gaming, social media, and retail into a one-stop-shop sports entertainment platform. You can engage with them through their LinkedIn page.

No Halftime

No Halftime, founded by Jacob Lindorff, is a fantasy sports betting app that lets users create player vs. player or team matchups to place bets for real money. Engage with them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.


Established by LC Carrier and Thierry Skoda, Gameday allows its users to play fantasy sports on Messenger. The company offers free fantasy sports games that are more accessible and user-friendly than traditional daily fantasy sports. Connect with Gameday on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.



Tallysight, co-founded by Masheed Ahadi and Matthew Peterson, is aimed at unlocking the creator economy and building social commerce for sports gaming. Check them out on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Gankstars, founded by Alex Novosad, is a multi-platform competitive esports organization and media company. Apart from fielding competitive esports teams, the company also carries out charity drives as part of their mission. Connect with them through Twitter and Facebook.


SportVault, co-founded by Brandon Fischer, Karl Garrett, and Spencer Mitchell, provides fantasy sports players worldwide with a safe and secure way to play for real money. Check out their Twitter and Facebook pages.


Swiftpicks is a platform that simplifies daily fantasy sports. Here, there are no drafts or rosters, just fast and straightforward DFS. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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