San Francisco’s Trailblazing Cycling Companies: Powerhouses of the Industry

San Francisco, California, well known for its tech-savvy and environmentally conscious population, also serves as the headquarters for several ground-breaking companies within the Cycling industry. In this article, we will highlight each of these businesses, offering insight into their backgrounds, products/services, and what makes them unique in the bustling heart of U.S. tech innovation.

Beyond being established for multiple years, these companies have made significant strides within the industry, with each one making a considerable impact, particularly within the realms of recycling, sustainability, and greentech. Having evolved rapidly to meet market demands while maintaining their eco-friendly principles, these organisations play a crucial role in the industry’s future.

In this diverse and ever-changing industry, you’ll find traditional companies transformed by technology, startups whose innovations have made a global impact, and a myriad of companies dedicated to sustainable practices and environmental consciousness.


Founded by Rebecca Hu, Glacier is dedicated to using artificial intelligence, robotics and sustainable practices to transform the recycling industry. Glacier has launched the first affordable AI-enabled robot for recycling, combining AI, recycling, robotics and waste management. Their LinkedIn profile is accessible here.


Turn, formerly known as Globelet, is a sustainable packaging service founded by Ryan Everton. Focusing on recycling, greentech, and sustainability, TURN offers a unique “capture-and-reuse” technology that has helped to eliminate single-use plastic items at large events across the globe from Australia to Europe. You can find them on LinkedIn and on Instagram.


Operating in the cycling infrastructure and Internet of Things segments, Bikeep was founded by Kristjan Lind, Kustas Kõiv, Meelis Haidak, and Mikk Moses. They provide high-quality commercial bike racks, bike parking systems and smart bicycle lockers. Visit their LinkedIn or Facebook pages for more details.


Yogome is a gaming company focused on education, co-founded by Alberto Colin and Manolo Diaz. They strive to combine learning and enjoyment in their multilingual tablet and mobile games developed by pedagogical experts. Follow them on LinkedIn or Facebook.


Normal, started by founders Adrian Finzelberg, Beate Czarnecki, David Aguirre Cañar, and Marcelo Leopoldino, is on a mission to change small business operations. They implement CleanTech and GreenTech on a large scale and simplify participation in the circular economy. Visit their LinkedIn or AngelList pages to learn more.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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