Sarasota’s Top Recreation Companies Making Waves in Florida Sports Scene

As part of our ongoing commitment to celebrating companies that contribute to the vibrance and variety of recreational pursuits in the United States, this article will spotlight some exceptional businesses operating in the heart of sunny Sarasota, Florida. These enterprises are at the forefront of their respective industries, providing unrivaled services and experiences that enhance and enrich the lives of both locals and tourists alike. Through innovation, dedication and a shared love of recreation, they have established Sarasota as a must-visit destination for those seeking adventure, relaxation, and superb natural beauty.

The Selby Marie Botanical Gardens Inc

The Selby Marie Botanical Gardens Inc exists at the intersection of home and garden, museums and historical sites, natural resources, and recreation. As Sarasota’s horticulture haven, the gardens combine the peace and serenity of botanical displays with the richness and importance of historical conservation. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn to stay updated with their latest initiatives and events.

Sarasota Surf and Racquet Club

In the industries of hospitality, construction, and recreation, the Sarasota Surf and Racquet Club stands tall. Offering both short-term vacation rentals and long-term rental properties, they ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay in paradise. You can connect with them on Facebook for all of their latest news and offerings.

Almost Heaven Kayak Adventures

Submerge yourself in the natural beauty of Sarasota with Almost Heaven Kayak Adventures. This unique enterprise is a leader in the boating, outdoors, recreation, and tourism industries, offering unparalleled kayak experiences through Sarasota’s stunning waterways. Get the latest updates and view captivating pictures of past excursions on their Facebook page.

Bent Tree Country Club

For those with a love for golf, events, and hospitality, consider booking your next outing with the Bent Tree Country Club. Known for its world-class golf course and event hosting capabilities, Bent Tree delivers top-tier recreational experiences in style. Follow their Facebook and LinkedIn channels to keep abreast with their activities and updates.

Sirius Sailing

Offering education and recreation on Sarasota’s beautiful waterways, Sirius Sailing is an adventure travel company that promises fun and transformative experiences. Learn how to sail or simply enjoy a relaxing sailing trip with their expert crew. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn for all their latest news and adventures.

Visit Sarasota County

For anyone planning a visit to Sarasota, Visit Sarasota County is an indispensable resource. By providing an extensive selection of leisure and recreational opportunities, Visit Sarasota County makes vacation planning a breeze. Stay informed about what’s happening in and around the city by following their Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn channels.


Last but certainly not least, we have Homegrownpro. This company operates in the consumer goods, manufacturing, and recreation industries, demonstrating how recreation and consumer goods can intersect to create unique, quality products. For more about what they do and their latest product releases, follow them on Twitter and visit them on Facebook.

These companies together solidify Sarasota’s position as a destination brimming with recreational opportunities. Each organization’s commitment to quality services, enjoyable experiences, and customer satisfaction helps enhance the city’s allure, making it a must-see spot for those seeking leisure, adventure and beauty.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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