Shanghai’s Noteworthy Impact on Global Sporting Goods Industry

This piece aims to spotlight and appreciate a selection of companies operating in the Sporting Goods industry that happen to have their headquarters situated in Shanghai, China. These diverse entities, drawing strength from their unique and innovative products, are fast reshaping the realm of sports and fitness. Let’s take a closer look at these firms and their influential contributions.

Shanghai, the largest city in China, is becoming a central hub for the Sports Goods industry. The companies headquartered in Shanghai range from those specializing in hardware to sports and fitness equipment. The city, with its rich history and bustling economy, provides an excellent environment for businesses to grow and thrive.

Among the numerous companies operating in the sector, we will be highlighting eleven of them. They represent a broad mix of profiles and specializations, each contributing uniquely to the industry, from the inception of smart treadmills to the development of urban ski hubs.


XQIAO, a smart treadmill inventor, was conceptualized and brought to life by founder Pan Zhongjian. Rooted firmly in the hardware and sporting goods sector, XQIAO offers exceptional fitness options for those passionate about maintaining their well-being.


Firmly established in the realms of automotive, computer, electric vehicle manufacturing, software and sporting goods, Stary was co-founded by a team of enthusiastic creators: Chen Zhengxiang, Wu Haipeng and Xin Sheng. This company’s impressive profile is marked by the unveiling of Stary Board, the world’s lightest electric vehicle.

GO Huwai

GO Huwai devises solutions in the e-commerce, event management, and sporting goods space. Pan Pan leads this innovative establishment, which aims to blend technology and sports to enhance users’ experiences.

Fitness Union

Fitness Union operates in the sporting goods and sports sectors, providing fitness equipment and services and helping support the community’s overall well-being.


Focused on e-commerce, electronics, and sporting goods, Woyaopao was born out of the collective vision of founders Yue Wang and Yuxin Li.


Having its foundations built on fashion, retail, and sporting goods, DESCENTE China has secured a significant spot in the industry.

NIKE (China)

NIKE’s Chinese branch has a well-curated collection of men’s sports shoes, sportswear, and sports equipment, catering to fitness enthusiasts across the nation. Visit their LinkedIn page for more details about their line of offerings.

Vector Optics

Vector Optics caters to the military, sporting goods, and wholesale industry with its range of specific optical scopes, red dots, and rifle products. Check out their Facebook and LinkedIn for more information.

Oriental Recreational Products

Oriental Recreational Products is a leading manufacturer of inflatable leisure and sports products worldwide. Their LinkedIn page details their efforts, including the operation of a dedicated inflatable water leisure products factory.


Overlapping realms of industrial manufacturing, real estate, and sporting goods, Zhonglu holds a unique standing within this diverse industry. Learn more about the company on their LinkedIn page.


Snow51, having introduced the concept of an urban ski and luxury sports experience hub, occupies a significant niche in the arena of skiing, sporting goods, and sports. Explore more about their ventures on their LinkedIn page.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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