Showcasing New York’s Pioneering Leaders in the Fantasy Sports Industry

In bustling New York City, a new breed of fantasy sports operators is changing the game and transforming the ways fans engage with their favorite sports. From micro-betting products to daily fantasy sports, these companies provide both casual fans and serious gamers with various ways to immerse themselves in the world of sports. This article aims to introduce and explore some of the innovative companies headquartered in the Big Apple that are revolutionising the fantasy sports industry.

Fantasy sports isn’t just a way of adding excitement to games; it has become a multi-billion dollar industry with millions of participants around the globe. These fantasy sports companies turn fans from mere spectators to active participants in their favorite sports leagues, creating bold and exciting ways to experience the thrill of a team’s victory.

Each company has its unique concept, leveraging data, technology, and insights to create engaging experiences for sports enthusiasts. This is the first in a series of articles highlighting companies operating in the fantasy sports industry, in this case, New York. Without further ado, let’s dive right into our first batch of companies.

Boom Entertainment

Boom Entertainment, co-founded by Assaf Einat and Stephen A. Murphy, is a technology company that develops sports betting and online games, working with various high-profile entities like professional sports leagues, media companies, and casino operators. This dynamic company’s innovation resides in its ability to bring about a convergence of the Digital Entertainment, eSports, Fantasy Sports, and Gaming industries. Check out Boom Entertainment on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Simplebet, Inc.

Simplebet, founded by Chris Bevilacqua, Joey Levy, and Scott Marshall, has made a name for itself in the Fantasy Sports, Gambling, Gaming, Information Technology, Software, and Sports industries. Their suite of innovative micro-betting products for real money and free-to-play experiences has quite literally changed the game for NFL, NBA, MLB, and college football fans. Get more information on Simplebet, Inc. on its Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.


FanDuel, introduced in 2009 by Lesley Eccles, Nigel Eccles, Rob Jones, and Tom Griffiths, holds a strong place as a leader in the one-week fantasy sports industry. It offers rich playing experiences for fantasy sports players across North America. Entry fees get you a chance to win some amazing cash prizes. Keep up with FanDuel via their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Founded by Adam Weinstein, ThriveFantasy specialises in daily fantasy sports and esports platform focusing solely on top-tier athletes. Launched in 2016, the company is gaining traction in the Fantasy Sports, Gaming, and Sports industries. Follow ThriveFantasy on Facebook and LinkedIn.


SportsGrid, co-founded by Jeremy Stein and Louis Maione, is a multimedia and technology company that provides a host of digital innovative solutions. SportsGrid’s strategic partnership with Sportradar has enabled the network to integrate its real-time delivery of player and team news, data, statistics, and betting intelligence into its programming. You can follow them on their Facebook account.


DRAFT, founded by Jeremy Levine, Nicolo Giorgi, and Palle Pedersen, is a popular daily fantasy sports company. DRAFT has streamlined the process of fantasy sports, creating a simple, fair, and fun game capable of winning some substantial prizes. Check them out on Facebook.

Huddle Tech Inc.

Huddle Tech Inc., co-founded by Francesco Borgosano, Jesse Wachtel, and Leo Gaspar, aims to unlock the full value of large datasets and predictive algorithms through a data-driven solution. The platform is centred on modular software design principles. You can also connect with Huddle Tech Inc. on LinkedIn.


Vetnos, founded by Dan Orlow, offers a 100% legal Sports Matchup Game. The company is dedicated to bringing the most engaging and secure platform and games to its users. Vetnos is based out of New York City.


AlphaDraft, co-founded by Matt Reilly and Todd Peterson, offers an exciting platform for eSports enthusiasts. You can follow AlphaDraft on Facebook.

The Crown League

The Crown League, founded by Dan Nissanoff, Derek Siskin, and Mathew Sposta, is professionalising fantasy sports, creating the first investment gaming platform owned by the public and managed by experts. Follow The Crown League on Facebook and LinkedIn.

The Club Sports Organization LLC

The Club Sports Organization, founded by Daniel Cashion, leverages data in both college and pro sports. It offers a one-stop shop for registrations, waivers, scheduling, and event day management.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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