Simple Ways for Football Students to Improve Academic Achievement

It is a good thing to be a member of your college football team because it opens many opportunities for you. You could get a rare scholarship to join a world-class university or go up the football ladder and join professional football. 

Despite the opportunities you get, your education remains important and you’d be at a better place if you press on until graduation. Your hardest part might be to create a balance between football and academics but these tricks will help you. 


Sacrifice some things

If you have harnessed your football skills well, it is easy for you to get a football scholarship but even if you get it, you still need to work on your education until graduation. Both are important in life and you get a better experience if you prosper in both. 

However, there is a price to pay for every good thing in your life. Your price, in this case, will be activities that are less important currently. Consider the benefits you will get by going out to a student’s night party versus the benefits you will get by studying to get better grades. For the sake of education and football practice, keep aside some activities and focus on your priorities

Don’t exhaust yourself with study or football

You will do well to understand the importance of having a balance between football and books but remember also everything has a limit. Don’t spend the entire day on football and then an entire night on books. You might excel but it will be a matter of time before you burn out. 

Set aside enough time for football and do the same with your studies. Mostly, your coach will guide you on time for practice or friendly game but there might be no one to help you with study time. It will be upon you to decide the best hours for study without conflicting your time for football. But don’t exhaust yourself with any. 

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Set precise goals

Your goals should be both short-term and long-term based on your course. Your long-term goals are the overall objectives that are tied to your education and football ambitions. First, your education time is limited to your time in college but your football ambitions can stretch beyond college. 

Your short-term goals can be broken into an academic year, a semester, month, and week. Each week, have something in your schedule that you must accomplish towards your academic performance and football. 

Progress on to the monthly and semester schedule. By the end of each academic year, look back to see your achievements and any gaps that need to be filled. 

Be disciplined

Discipline is not just an issue of behavior or character but an issue of commitment to your goals. Let your schedules always be before you and make your rule to fulfill them. There are moments when your body will fail you but you must always get away to recover any lost time. 


Use productivity tools

The internet is full of productivity tools that students can use to help them improve performance. They can use them to set easier goals, reduce distractions, and assign tasks. Some are resources for learning and connecting with student communities or online teaching staff. 

It’s easy to take notes using the tools and plan assignments and study schedules. By using productivity tools, a student can save time retrieving notes or searching websites that they use often. 


Football students can have big challenges when balancing between education and the game. Most of them might give priority to football over college and drop out early but the secret is to work harder and balance the two. The student should be willing to lose some less important issues and to develop the discipline of time management. If the need to seek help arises, a student should not hesitate to get it.

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