Sporting Goods Titans: Baton Rouge’s Industry Leaders Showcase

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a city teeming with sports enthusiasts, is home to a growing portfolio of companies within the Sporting Goods industry. With a blend of traditional brick-and-mortar shops and modern e-commerce services, these companies span across various sectors within the industry, including online portals, fitness, manufacturing, and retail. This article serves as an introduction to these companies and provides relevant information about their operations.

From long-standing companies that have gained recognition on a national scale to promising startups making a significant impact in the community, Baton Rouge has a rich blend of businesses catering to all sports-related needs. The city’s Sporting Goods industry is ripe with innovators, producing everything from high-performance ball game equipment to advanced protective gears and fitness solutions.

Whether you’re an avid athlete, a recreational sports enthusiast, or merely interested in the economic growth of Baton Rouge, we encourage your familiarity with these companies. Please feel free to engage with them on their linked social platforms and gain first-hand insight into their products and services.

Marucci Sports

Founded by Kurt Ainsworth, Marucci Sports demonstrates passion for baseball through their products and services. With a strong online presence, the company encourages customer feedback and discussion on their Facebook page. Join the conversation on Twitter by following @MarucciSports.


Zamst operates in fitness, manufacturing, retail, and sporting goods sectors. Their products enhance the performance of athletes and fitness enthusiasts. You can engage with them on Facebook, Twitter, and on their LinkedIn page.


RumbleRoller is the brainchild of a successful collaboration between a manufacturing company and athlete Ron Johnson. Their innovative fitness and rehabilitation products are the culmination of industrial manufacturing prowess and professional athletic insight. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

The Backpacker

Founded by Dale Mathews, The Backpacker offers online sales on a variety of sports and adventure gear ranging from fishing kayaks to ski wear. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages for more details.

Third Coast Soccer

Third Coast Soccer, a sporting goods store with a focus on online sales and shipping, offers a wide range of sports products. They engage with their customers via phone, mail, and online platforms. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Red Stick Sports

Jon Redman founded Red Stick Sports with a focus on manufacturing sports goods while keeping traditional aesthetics in mind. Their textiles products are widely appreciated by the local community. For more about their work, visit their Facebook page.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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