Spotlight on Notable Fitness Companies Headquartered in Abu Dhabi

In the sport and wellness industry, companies are rapidly expanding in the ever-growing city of Abu Dhabi. Various industries, from fitness to health care, are continuously striving to encourage individuals towards a healthier lifestyle. This article shines a spotlight on several companies leading the charge. These companies not only provide an array of opportunities for individuals to engage in sports and wellness activities but also play a significant role in the economy of Abu Dhabi.

Competing in a highly competitive market, these companies undertake innovative strategies to set them apart from the rest. Besides providing quality services, they have dynamic marketing strategies that ensure their message connects with a broader audience, aiming to make a substantial impact on people’s lives and the community as a whole.

Please consider this as your invitation to explore some of the vital industry players. Engage with them, whether you seek fitness, wellness, health care, or other related services. Your journey towards a healthier and better life starts here!


Founded by Kareem Abo Gamrah and Norshek Fawzy, Jumpsuite operates in the e-commerce, fitness, wellness, and health care market segments. The notable thing about Jumpsuite is their strategy of combining all these segments into a comprehensive platform that meets a wide range of customer needs. You can follow their journey via their Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin pages.

Tawazon Inc.

Tawazon, founded by Suna-Zoabi Othman, makes its mark in the fitness, health care, and wellness industry by helping users practice breathing exercises, mindfulness, and relaxation before sleep. To explore more about Tawazon, visit their Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin pages.

Beauty Leaders

Working within the realms of beauty, fitness, health care, and wellness, Beauty Leaders have managed to establish themselves as an undeniable presence. For more information, you can access their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.


Bodytree operates within the industry, providing accessible wellness through movement, mindfulness, nutrition, and holistic healing. They regularly schedule group classes and workshops curated by international experts. Engage with them on their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

North American Gastroenterology

North American Gastroenterology offers top-notch Gastroenterology services in Abu Dhabi. They recognize how obesity can lead to the development of many diseases and provide services to cater to such health needs. Connect with them on their LinkedIn page.

Emirates Skating Club

The Emirates Skating Club promotes and develops the sport of figure skating. They aim to provide a respectful atmosphere that encourages social interaction, promotes positive role models, and fosters lasting friendships. You can catch up with their activities on their Facebook and Linkedin pages.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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