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The Texas Wedge In Golf: What Is It And When To Use One

You have just made an incredible tee shot, which was followed by a solid second stroke that left you short of the green. You are now prepared to chip to get within striking distance of the hole to make a birdie.

When you are getting closer to the green, though, there are significant risks associated with any tactic you choose to employ. If you play a poor chip shot and end up with a shot that goes straight through the green, you can kiss your chances of making par or birdie goodbye. But apart from that, what other choice do you have? It’s possible that the answer lies in your ability to use the Texas wedge effectively.

In this brief article, we’ll explain everything about the Texas wedge so you can level up your golf game and become a more prepared opponent the next time you step on your favorite golf course.

Where Does The Name Come From?

Words and expressions specific to golf are typically heard for the first time during live broadcasts. The vocabulary of commentators, especially concerning a technique or shot, can be baffling at times.

The term “Texas wedge” was coined around the turn of the century to describe a club used for putting from off the green. Texas courses have high greens and exceptionally dry, hard fairways.

On such terrains, pitch and chip shots are exceptionally challenging due to the course layout and the frequent strong winds. Many golfers would instead putt the ball from more than 20 yards away; so, they coined the name “Texas wedge” to describe the club they would use to do so.

What Exactly Is It?

Everyone who is familiar with the phrase recognizes that it doesn’t actually have much in common with a wedge because it does not truly refer to a wedge. In fact, a Texas wedge is a shot that is played off the green and involves attempting to reduce the gap between both ball and the hole while the ball spends the majority of its time on the ground and rolls in the direction of the hole.

When you start your swing from the fairway, you should use your putter so that you may cut down on the amount of time the golf ball spends in the air and the amount of relative momentum it has. When there is a flat route to the hole, a golfer who wants to reduce the likelihood of making a mistake should select the Texas wedge as their club of choice to use.

In addition, players have a greater degree of control over the ball when they use this stroke, which is another reason why it is sometimes the better option. In addition, the usage of a putter is an acceptable option when the landing area is restricted in size.

When Should You Use This Technique?

You can use this shot in several situations. You may use it if you are worried about missing thin or fat on a chip shot since your lay is very tight or firm. As an illustration, say you are 25 feet from the hole; the first 15 feet are fairways, while the last 10 feet are green. It’s much more manageable to roll the ball all the way than trying to land it precisely on the green or edge.

You can also use it if you have to navigate a steep decline to reach the hole, making it challenging to pick and then hit a landing point. Again, using a rolling shot will make things easier and less ambiguous.

Finally, if your ball has landed in a relatively gentle rough around the green, you can hit a Texas wedge. You may “pop” the ball out and get it spinning by playing it slightly behind your stance and then hitting down on it.

The most crucial part of making a good Texas wedge shot is anticipating where the ball will stop rolling. Spend 10 to 15 of your next practice session perfecting your rollers from 10 to 40 yards away from the green. Test out a variety of clubs, from putter to short iron to pitching wedge, to get a sense of the distance each one travels from various starting points. As soon as you get the hang of using a Texas wedge, you’ll be able to rip it on the course.

Final Thoughts

The Texas wedge is just another shot that needs to be practiced to be mastered. Equally crucial, though, is understanding when and how to use the Texas wedge to your benefit. If you give some thought to the circumstances before picking up the putter, whether it’s on the practice green or in the workplace, you should see a marked improvement in your shot and overall game.

Written by Marcus Richards

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