Top 5 Sports Gen Z are More Likely to Bet On

According to statistics, young sports fans are lower than Millennial and adult sports fans. Statistics show that 53% of Gen Z state that they watch sports regularly. That percentage is significantly lower than adults (63%) and Millennials (69%). Additionally, Gen Z is 50% less likely than millennials to visit sports media channels and keep track of the latest updates when watching live sports.

We wanted to focus on Gen Z and sports betting in 2022, particularly on one exciting topic – Gen Z sports bettors and betting. Young sports fans like to place occasional bets, but we wanted to see which sports industry is the most popular for this type of activity. Hence, we will list the top 5 sports that young sports gamblers are likely to wager on.


The first sports gambling category is eSports. This category has managed to overshadow traditional sports completely, and Gen Z bettors are incredibly likely to bet on these types of sports events.

ESports athletes compete in teams or individually in some of the world’s most popular video games. That includes FIFA, Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: GO, Overwatch, etc. And if the younger generation is into watching sports events of this type, they can find live streams on social media platforms, sportsbook operators, or at media companies. The coverage is excellent.

Football (Top Gen Z Sports Betting Category)

Next up, we have a sport that will forever remain popular in both the number of sports fans and sports betting. Statistics show that football has around 3.5 billion fans worldwide, and many of its fans are more than happy to place bets on it. That is why this sport is one of the most profitable sports for the gambling industry.

The case is no different with Gen Z. Generation Z sports fans are likely to visit the top sportsbooks and place bets on football every week. The best part about it is that the best football sports media firms have a massive social media presence, making it easier for the new generation to keep track of the latest developments.


The third most popular sport for young sports gambling fans is basketball. Research shows that basketball athletes are among the most influential and most popular Gen Z celebrities. Kobe Bryant and LeBron James grab the first two spots on most young sports fans and young sports betting fans.

So, Gen Z bets on basketball quite often, and research shows that even though they are not engaging in betting and gambling sports betting activities – when they do, basketball is often a top choice. The NBA is by far a top category in which young sports bettors are interested.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Mixed martial arts, or known as MMA, has risen quite a lot in popularity in recent years, and this sport has a lot of younger consumers. The UFC, Bellator, and One Championship are often the top choices, and experts believe that they will keep rising in the future.

This category is also trendy when it comes to sports betting, as young people want to engage in these activities for entertainment purposes. Older generations are also fond of MMA, but not as much as the younger age group.

Daily Fantasy Sports

The 5th and last sport that Gen Z likes to bet on is something similar to eSports. This category is called fantasy sports, and it is hugely connected to gaming. In layman’s terms, fantasy leagues are a virtual representation of the real world of any sport. The better the form of a player or a team is in real life, the better the condition of the virtual player and team will be.

If you wish to bet on fantasy sports, you will have to watch the sports leagues quite often and use the knowledge to engage in betting activities. You bet on the teams that are likely to win certain games, and since the odds are always great, there are plenty of streaming events that you can watch on your desktop or mobile devices such as iPhone or Samsung.

Online betting operators are rising at a very rapid rate. Their popularity now is much higher than a year ago, and it is believed that betting sites will be one of the biggest profit makers in the next decade. So, that may be something that Gen Y (the next generation) wants to keep in mind.

There are plenty of significant advantages that betting sites have, which is why the interest in them is so massive.

Easy Accessibility

First of all, betting sites are extremely easy to access as they operate online. You can use your desktop or mobile device to access them. Not only that, but they are available 24/7/365. These sites are accepting applications of all bettors who are of legal age, and registration is effortless.

Live Streaming is Available

Apart from being able to place bets on pretty much every sports category, these sites will also allow you to watch the games. So instead of searching through media channels, all you have to do is log in to the sportsbook on your iPhone, Samsung, or desktop device and watch a specific game.

Other Advantages

Aside from watching a sports game, the online sports betting industry boasts a few other advantages, including excellent security, massive sports coverage, numerous accepted payment methods, regular bonuses and promotions, and better odds.

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