Top Needham-Based Fitness Companies Thriving in the Wellness Industry

Coming from a community known for its healthy living and wellness is a slew of fitness and health care companies that are making immense impact across the industry. With Needham, Massachusetts as their center, these fitness businesses are charging ahead to bring innovation, advancement, and revitalized concepts into the industry. Our focus today is on some of these companies that have not only put Needham on the health and fitness map but are shaping the way we engage in and perceive health and fitness around the globe.

From fitness footwear manufacturers to personalized nutrition advice, this collection of companies represents the diversity of the fitness industry in Needham. While each company is unique in their operations and focus, their collective contribution to fitness and health care is undeniable.

Let’s dive into their individual stories, learn about their foundations, and explore what each of them brings to the fitness industry. And remember, whether your interest lies in new workout gears, professional health consultations or tech influenced fitness solutions, you will find a company in Needham catering to your need.

Row One Brands

Founded in 2013 by Jim Sabitus, Joseph Smith, and Thomas Crotty, Row One Brands has been serving fun, colorful footwear to sports enthusiasts ever since. Loaded with team colors and logos, their footwear enables fans to showcase their loyalty and unite in their support. Find out more on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages or follow them on Twitter @rowonebrands.

Dovetail Health

A company focused on fitness and health care located in Needham, Dovetail Health strives to make meaningful contributions to the industry. Stay updated with this innovative company on their Facebook page.

Get In Shape For Women

Founded by Brian R. Cook, Get In Shape For Women works to revolutionize women’s fitness, health care, and training. For more information, check their Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Follow them on Twitter @get_in_shape.

Soolman Nutrition

Soolman Nutrition offers expert advice in nutrition, fitness and health care. Keep updated on their latest developments through their Facebook and LinkedIn page. Follow them on Twitter @soolmannutr.

PEX Health and Fitness

Bringing cutting-edge fitness, training, and wellness programs, PEX Health and Fitness has created a substantial name in Needham. Discover more on their Facebook and LinkedIn page. Follow them on Twitter @PexHealth.

Spynergy Consulting

Bill Pryor founded Spynergy Consulting in 2010 to support boutique fitness studio owners, investors, and operators. Learn more about this unique business on their LinkedIn page.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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