Unveiling Top Fitness Giants Headquartered in Tustin, California: Industry Spotlight

In the city of Tustin, California lies a diverse and impressive array of companies specializing in the fitness industry. From technological innovators to wellness sanctuaries, the businesses situated in this Southern Californian hub are not only contributing to the region’s thriving economy but are also playing a significant role in revolutionizing the fitness world. This article, which is part of a series, will introduce you to some of the most notable fitness companies based in Tustin, providing insights into their operations, offerings, and the significant impacts they’re making in the industry.

With an enduring dedication to promoting active and healthy lifestyles, these organizations are constantly exploring new boundaries by leveraging advancements in technology and scientific research to deliver fitness products and services of unmatched quality and effectiveness. The area is home to a broad spectrum of industry leaders, ranging from consumer electronics firms and event organizers to boutique fitness studios and wellness providers each making their unique mark on the fitness landscape.

So without any further delay, let’s delve into the fascinating world of Tustin’s finest fitness companies.

Coros Wearables

Founded by Lewis Wu Coros Wearables is a renowned performance sports technology company based in Tustin, California. They specialize in designing advanced tech and applications intended explicitly for athletes who are determined to perform at their best. From high-grade hardware to innovative technology, COROS integrates various elements to create equipment that athletes can rely upon even in the most extreme conditions. The company has a successful track record, with its users setting world records and conquering summits. They remain dedicated to constant innovation and creativity. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn to stay updated with their latest news.

Memory Lane

Another Tustin-based fitness company is Memory Lane. Operating in the Fitness, Retail, and Sports sectors, Memory Lane prides itself as a prominent player in these industries. Find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Live Love Spa

Established by Lisa Michaelis, Live Love Spa has created a refreshing presence in the fitness industry with its focus on hosting events, healthcare, wellness, and of course, fitness. Keep an eye on their Facebook Profile and LinkedIn.


Another proud representative of Tustin’s fitness sector is MEGAComfort. The company’s main goal is to provide ergonomic anti-fatigue insoles and orthotics for workers across industries. For updates, follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Tustin Medical Center Weight-loss & Wellness

In the beauty, fitness, healthcare, and wellness industries, Tustin Medical Center Weight-loss & Wellness is known for providing a wide array of wellness and fitness services. From combating the signs of aging through botox and fillers to supplementing weight loss with medications and custom-formulated injections, they’ve got it all. Follow them on Facebook for the latest updates.

Crossfit Tustin

Crossfit Tustin, a brand that has made a significant impact on the Fitness, Health Care, and Personal Health industries in Tustin, California is also worth mentioning. Connect with them on .

Union Ryde

Union Ryde, founded by Mindy Ferrantelli, is another exceptional fitness business in Tustin. Operating in the cycling, fitness, healthcare, and personal health sectors. Keep up with them on .

Each of these companies represent the relentless spirit of Tustin’s fitness industry in their unique ways. Their commitment to promoting health, fitness, and wellbeing while continuously integrating innovative solutions is positively shaping the present and future of physical fitness on both a regional and global scale.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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