Durham’s Premier Fitness Companies: Highlights From North Carolina’s Exercise Innovators

Based in Durham, North Carolina, a variety of exciting and innovative companies operate in the fitness and health care industries. This article brings to light ten of these companies that are making waves in their respective fields. Each offers unique solutions or services that are proving to be game-changers, contributing to the improvement of health and wellness on a broader scale. This article showcases their bios, providing information on the founders, their mission, and contact links.

A common thread that ties together these Durham-based companies is their shared dedication to wellness and health care. They are all driven by a common goal: to provide services that promote health, wellness, and quality of life in innovative ways. Be it through software solutions, unique training methods or AI-enabled tools, they strive to make a difference in the lives of their users.

Though their methods may vary, these companies share a common purpose in driving forward the fields of fitness and health care. Let’s explore these companies in detail and discover how they are making a significant impact in Durham and beyond with their ground-breaking solutions and services.

Pattern Health

Founded by Doug Mittendorf, Ed Holzwarth, and Edward Barber, Pattern Health is a digital health platform aimed at helping researchers and clinicians create validated real-world programs. They utilize behavioral science and data-driven personalisation to increase engagement and adherence. They can be found on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Veritas Collaborative

Veritas Collaborative, founded by Stacie McEntyre, provides support to persons with eating disorders and their families. Their dedicated staff includes doctors, psychotherapists, nurses, and educators who share a passion for providing care. You can connect with them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Fathom AI

Fathom AI, founded by Gabrielle Levac and Ivonna Dumanyan, offers BioMetrix, a solution which quantifies rehabilitation progress and provides real-time feedback. This easy-to-use solution helps keep athletes healthier for longer. Reach out to them through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

PT Wired

Vikram Sethuraman was a key founder behind PT Wired, a physical therapy SaaS product that offers patients a mobile app providing them with videos, notes, and reminders. Check them out on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


NeuroPlus, founded by Jake Stauch, uses brain-sensing devices and software to help improve focus and attention. They can be connected with on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

FitMom Athletics

FitMom Athletics, founded by Kerri Green-Scott, serves the fitness lifestyle industry. They have a presence on Twitter and Facebook.


Revenite is a digital health and wellness platform for physical therapists. They are dedicated to redefining physical therapy by empowering providers with tools to help clients recover anywhere, anytime.


Founded by Brian Hare, Dognition is a solution that helps you understand your dog’s perspective by analyzing its cognitive abilities. They can be reached out to on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Venga provides technology to help rock climbing gyms grow their memberships, engage climbers, and reduce administrative overhead.

A&K Global Health

A&K Global Health is a company that offers health management services. Check them out further on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Louise Fahys, Plan2Play develops technology solutions that simplify the operations of wellness organisations, enabling them to focus on the health of their communities. You can reach out to them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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