Helsinki’s Top Fitness Companies Making Strides in Global Health Scene


Welcome to the first in a series of articles highlighting the exciting and innovative fitness industry, born and bred right here in Helsinki, Southern Finland. Helsinki is fast emerging as a thriving hotspot for fitness, health, and wellness companies, housing some of the most cutting-edge businesses and start-ups in the space. Today, we explore some of the standout companies contributing to the healthy heartbeat of Helsinki.

From evidence-based coaching to online services for mental wellbeing, personalized wellness motivators to independent training managers, these companies are redefining what it means to optimise personal health and fitness. They are transforming industries, incorporating technology into health-focused solutions and making wellness accessible and enjoyable for everyone, everywhere. Let’s step into their world and see what they’re all about.

Ready to muscle up on your knowledge of Fitness real movers and shakers in Helsinki? Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, a wellness industry professional, or a curious reader, get ready for an inspiring journey. To help you navigate, each company’s name is linked to their website. Think of it as your digital map to Helsinki’s fit-tech sphere!


Co-founded by Aleksi Hoffman, Annastiina Hintsa, Ed Beccle, and Jaakko Hyvärinen, Hintsa is a leading global coaching company, combining science and human guidance to deliver sustainable success for top athletes and business professionals. The secret to their success? Customized programs that encompass all aspects of wellbeing – physical, mental, and social – to help individuals live and perform better.


Founded by Mervi Lamminen, Auntie is an online mental health platform providing employees with the tools to manage their wellbeing, even in stressful situations. Auntie’s services are currently available in 22 languages and are trusted by over 400 organisations worldwide. was co-founded by Ivan Kuznetsov, Jussi Raisanen and Olli Oksanen. This tech startup offers a motivational wellness platform for individuals and workplaces, aiding in fighting physical inactivity and lifestyle disease using interactive and gamified solutions.

Founded by Sanni Ishfaq and Tarnjit Saini, is a digital platform specially developed for independent contractors, particularly those in the fitness industry. It assists in managing business operations, from class schedules to personal branding.


Founded by Jari Kaitera, Twid is a cloud-based online commerce solution empowering experts to scale up their businesses. Twid enables easy promotion, sale, and delivery of online content to paying customers.

Neosmart Health

Co-founded by Marko Nurmela, Pertti Lahteenmaki and Raghunath Koduvayur, Neosmart Health provides holistic and personalised health services, setting out individual health plans for its users to help them reach their health goals.

N Health Technology

N Health Technology, founded by Matti Penttinen and Olli Sirkiä, is a tech company that develops and sells business platforms for mental health practitioners and enterprises. They prioritise modernising the customer service experience, especially for pre and post therapy sessions.

Fifth Corner

Co-founded by Nelli Lähteenmäki and Nora Rosendahl, Fifth Corner is the creator of the YOU platform. They’ve designed a program composed of personalized micro-actions, digital micro-nudging, and light coaching to reduce stress and enhance performance in knowledge workers.

PULS Nutrition

Inspired by the challenge of combining demanding work, exercise, and a healthy diet, PULS Nutrition was born. The company is dedicated to providing high-quality and delicious snacks for active lifestyle enthusiasts.


Invented by Jarmo Hyökyvaara and Jorma Hyökyvaara, Smartum is focused on employee and social benefits programs, offering unique forms of payment such as vouchers, electronic cards and more.

Kama International

Kama International designs and markets functional foods to support a healthy, active lifestyle; priding themselves on an uncompromising commitment to great taste and nutritional values – making their lines a favored choice amongst athletes and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts.


Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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