Exploring Jacksonville’s Noteworthy Contributors to the Fitness Industry


Transformations in the fitness industry are regular. Changes are brought about by new approaches aimed at improving overall fitness and wellness. Jacksonville, Florida has seen a surge in these innovative companies in the fitness industry. The city is becoming the hub of sporting innovations delivering excellent health solutions for the community as well as the rest of the country. Here, at Quins, we focus on these organizations that are steering the fitness industry into the future.

Our focus in this series of articles are those inspiring organizations whose headquarters are located in Jacksonville, Florida, with a deep influence on the fitness and health industry. Our in-depth exploration of these organizations provides fascinating insights into their vision, mission, and effort in enhancing health and fitness in a unique way.

This deep dive will help the readers understand each organization, how they are shaping the fitness and health sector, and what differentiates them from the rest. This article spotlights some of the most innovative organizations based out in Jacksonville.


Founded by Russ Thomas, Availity delivers internet-based health information exchange services to optimize the relationship among healthcare providers, health plans, and health care stakeholders. The company provides various healthcare solutions such as CareRead and CareProfile, and CareCollect. Learn More about Availity

Renue By Science

Operating in the sphere of Dietary Supplements, Fitness, Health Care, Manufacturing, and Wellness, Renue By Science sets itself apart in the fitness industry of Jacksonville. See more about the company on their Facebookpage.

The RomRod

The RomRod, brought into existence by Haley Livensparger and Shane Livensparger, stands as a compact portable gym and fitness system that allows users to fulfill their daily workout needs wherever they are. Learn more about RomRod on their LinkedIn page.

Athletic Recovery Zone

Fulfilling safety, comfort, and high-performance needs for athletes, workers, and spectators, Athletic Recovery Zone stands as a dominant player in the fitness, hospitality, recreation, and sports industry in Jacksonville. Follow Athletic Recovery Zone on their Twitter page for more updates.

Bailey’s Gym

Bailey’s Gym operates in the Fitness, Healthcare, Hospitality, Recreation, and Wellness sectors. Stay connected with Bailey’s Gym on their Facebook page.

Unify Health Services

Unify Health Services is another great company that operates in Fitness, Healthcare, Training, and Wellness sectors in Jacksonville. See more about the company on their Facebook page.

Deerwood Clubhouse

Serving the community through its operations in Fitness, Golf, Hospitality, and Real Estate, is Deerwood Clubhouse. See more about the company on their Facebook page.

Body Water LLC

Body Water LLC uniquely functions in the roles of Beauty, Fitness, Grocery, Healthcare, and Water sectors to provide products targeted at boosting metabolism, providing natural energy, and maintaining healthy skin. Visit them through their Facebook page.

Jewish Community Alliance

A community-focused organization, Jewish Community Alliance, operates in the fitness and non-profit sectors. Founded by Rabbi Brandt, They continue to make lasting impressions in their community. Updated news can be found on their Facebook page.

Brazils Waxing Center

Operating in Fitness, Healthcare, and Wellness, Brazils Waxing Center continues their journey in Jacksonville. Stay connected with them via their Facebook page.

Yoga Den

Yoga Den operates in Fitness, Training, and Wellness. They continue to create a space where fitness and wellness are synonymous with happiness. Connect with them on their Facebook page.


Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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