Exploring Huntington Beach: Key Players in California’s Sports Industry

Home to beautiful beaches and sprawling parks, Huntington Beach, California also hosts a thriving sports industry with some of the world’s top companies in fields ranging from hardware and software to fashion and retail. These companies leverage their strategic and operational advantages in their varied sectors to stay above their peers. The firms tackle domains from analytics and mobile tech to lifestyle apparel and manufacturing, the companies continue to assert their dominance in their respective sectors, right from Huntington Beach, their HQ.

The influence of these companies is far-reaching and global despite their locality, with customers and partnerships sprawling the world over. Sports, in particular, has become a significant portion of operation in Huntington Beach’s corporate realm. The concentration of sports companies in the city is nothing short of impressive – from companies that create tech supporting sporting activities to giants that manufacture, retail, supply and service various sports requirements.

It’s fascinating how diverse and specialized these companies have become in their approach to sports. From developing solutions to creating specific sports gear, the sports industry in Huntington Beach is a wellspring of innovation, creativity and sporting passion. Let’s take a deep dive into some of these companies:


Driven by founders David Lokshin, Alpinereplay has redesigned the way skiers and snowboarders measure their performance. The company’s technology measures speed, airtime, vertical distance, Calories burnt and more for any mountain climb in the world. With a comprehensive website, Facebook page and active LinkedIn profile, Alpinereplay empowers athletes to compete virtually with anyone


Tackling fashion and sports, TravisMathew helmed by founder Travis Brasher offers high-growth golf and lifestyle apparel. The brand creates its unique line of lifestyle wear and accessories and can be found on their website, on Facebook, LinkedIn, and on twitter @travismathew. The firm delivers uniquely innovative, high-caliber parts for the power sports industry predominantly for motorcycles, side by sides, and ATVs


Boardriders spans lifestyle, manufacturing, retail, and sports sectors.Website, Facebook and LinkedIn provide more information about their operations


Adventuring into automotive, manufacturing, sports, and transportation segments, Tolemar, founded by Scott and Steve Ramelot, delivers quality aftermarket motorcycle parts. The company’s website contains more on their offerings.

Cleveland Golf

Founded by Roger Cleveland, Cleveland Golf is where scoring matters. The company prides itself on providing distinctive wedge types and producing an industry-leading blend of distance and precision. Their website, Facebook and twitter @clevelandgolf provide more information about their unique approach.

website and Facebook page.

Birdhouse Skateboards

Founded by the famous Tony Hawk, Birdhouse Skateboards manufacturers skateboards, and apparel and accessories related to the brand. The company offers an online platform to buy their products which can be found on their website, Facebook page and on twitter @birdhouse

Firecrackers Softball

Firecrackers Softball offers excellent e-commerce platform and a site selling sporting apparel and accessories. More information about their products can be found on their website, Facebook Page and LinkedIn profile.


Surfline\Wavetrak has been revolutionizing the connection between people and the ocean. They have a wide range of brands serving to the needs of ocean-goers including top notch marine weather charts and forecasts. Find more about the company on their website and on their LinkedIn profile.

Advantage Tennis Academy

Advantage Tennis Academy, founded by Adrian Games, Jimmy Johnson and Mahmoud Karim provides top-notch instruction for technical and strategic training. Their offerings range from tennis, mental training programs, short-term camp, travel, summer junior training camp, tournaments, and fitness service. You can find more information on their website, Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.


Orpix, founded by Nadav Ben-Haim, Ori Ben-Haim, and Serge Belongie, is a computer vision tech company with unique products used by businesses all over the world. Their cloud-based solution enables identifying cars make, model. From creating unique web-based solutions for analyzing brand exposure in sporting event video footage to partnering with companies for domain-specific solutions, Orpix has proven itself as a leader. Visit their website, Facebook page and LinkedIn profile for more details.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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