Exploring Sao Paulo: Quins Spotlights Brazil’s Premier Lifestyle Industry Leaders

The vibrant city of São Paulo, Brazil is a thriving hub for companies operating in the lifestyle industry. These trailblazing enterprises are redefining the boundaries of fashion, design, and e-commerce while ensuring the rich Brazilian culture and progressive spirit are at the core of their operations. In this article, we place the spotlight on these esteemed companies and their remarkable contributions in shaping trendsetters around the globe.

We explore companies that not only salute São Paulo as their headquarters but also elevate the cosmopolitan city’s status as a global influencer in lifestyle trends. This vibrant metropolis is home to several creative startups and established companies that are intricately woven into the city’s rich tapestry of lifestyle offerings.

From fine wines to eyewear, and from internet-powered shopping to opulent jewelry, these companies exude the vibrancy, innovation, and multicultural aura typical of São Paulo. Below, get to know the key players in São Paulo’s lifestyle industry that are making waves globally.


As a stalwart of the e-commerce industry in Brazil and beyond, Dafiti has established its reputation as a purveyor of fashion-forward footwear and lifestyle goods in both men’s and women’s categories. Operating with the firm support of partners such as JP Morgan, the World Bank, and others, Dafiti’s extensive catalogue of over 1000 national and international brands has positioned it as a cornerstone of the lifestyle industry.

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Dedicated to nurturing Brazilian culture’s wine-drinking trend, Evino operates an online wine business that offers its customers an expansive and weekly changing assortment of premium wines with notable value-for-money. Evino Club, the company’s monthly subscription plan, serves as an easy solution for wine lovers.

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Servicing the international market, FormaFina operates an online marketplace designed explicitly for US-based premium design and home decor brands. The platform offers access to innovative design products and assists partner brands in expanding their reach beyond borders.

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Divulging into digital marketing, Fridom offers its services in the fields of Customer Service, Emerging Markets, Fashion, Infrastructure, Lifestyle, Logistics, Marketing Automation, and Mobile.

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Defined by a sustainable business model, Lema21 is fuelling a revolution in the eyewear industry. By simplifying the traditionally convoluted supply chain, Lema21’s smart eyewear concept provides designer frames with anti-reflective organic lenses for only one standard price.

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As an all-in-one digital platform, Buscapé provides a shopping experience devoid of complications. Its commitment is to anticipate desires and provide a fast, friendly, assertive, and secure shopping experience for both the consumer and merchant.

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Especially known for their opulent jewelry, Vivara is a global gem in São Paulo’s lifestyle industry. Despite the limited information, its reputation is global, speaking volumes about the brand’s excellence and proficiency in crafting exquisite jewelry pieces.

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The crème de la crème of online luxury fashion is exemplified by OQVestir. Offering premium clothing, shoes, and accessories, OQVestir has established itself as a top-tier selection for the modish shoppers worldwide.

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With an illustrious history dating back to the year 1975, Caedu has managed to maintain its reputation as one of the most reputable clothing retailers in Brazil. Through its regular social actions, Caedu projects its distinct image as a responsible and conscientious company.

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Rabixo is a subscription-based e-commerce site that offers underwear, socks, razors, and more. Every three months, a customized kit of every man’s essentials is delivered right to their doorstep, ensuring convenience of shopping and quality of products.

You can find Rabixo on the following social media platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.

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